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Saturday, 04 May 2013

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Malti was ranked the Number 1 Life Coach in July 2012*

She is a professional certified coach with credentials from the ICF. For more information on what these credentials mean, click here.

She coaches by phone or skype internationally. Book your session now to avoid disappointment.

I empower men and women internationally to reclaim their own power by committing to their dreams and learning to instill powerful habits and practices in their lives to enable the realisation of those dreams and a joyful life.

My clients LOSE WEIGHT because after trying all kinds of diet and hiring personal trainers at expensive gyms, they still found it challenging to shed the extra kilos. WIth empathetic live weekly phone coaching sessions, and a structure to hold them accountable, I inspire them to instil practices in their body and emotions that support them in creating a lifestyle of being slim and healthy.

They have EARNED more money, by clarifying their values and declaring their financial and material goals and then working wiht me to ensure that they are deserving of the money in return for the VALUE they are providing. They never work a day in their lives because to start to choose and LOVE what they do. 

Some have found LOVE after years of being single, as they change their beliefs and reclaim their dignity and inner Gods and Goddesses. They accept their bodies and emotions and they learn to let go of people and situations that no longer serve them. They learn to practice using their words with care as they converse effectively in all their relationships. They learn to date with dignity and say No and mean it in order to say "Yes" to something else.

reIGNITING their marriages, adding gratitude to the situations they feel they cannot change and to truly LOVING PASSIONATELY.

My clients have trained to BECOME LIFE COACHES themselves with ethics, core competencies and integrity.

Many have been moved and put back on track to pursue their life's dreams just from one session with Malti. Scroll down to book your session.


Live Phone or Skype Coaching

Choose one to make your payment and book your slot now.


Click here for: 1 off Power Coaching Session for US$180 - deductible when you sign up for the 12 sessions and considered Session 1

Click here for: 12 Session Program for US$1800

Or click here for our 2013 Special promotions.


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Become a Life Coach 
Train to become a Professional Coach

*Malti Bhojwani was ranked at the top of the list for "Life Coach" internationally on Linkedin out of over 200,000 life coaches on the 3rd of Oct 2012. She has been in the industry serving through her articles, books and personal coaching for over 12 years and has surely made her mark.



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