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Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013

Founder - Malti Bhojwani

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Malti Bhojwani PCC is the
founder of Multi Coaching International, a Professional Certified Life Coach
certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation), NLP practitioner (Neuro
Linguistic Programming), trained in Ontological coaching and an author. She coaches using her empathetic enquiry
which leads her clients to personal empowerment, fulfilled goals and
consistent success.

Her clients, who range from executives, businessmen and women, housewives, life coaches, artists, teenagers and corporate groups internationally have experienced weight loss, higher income, new business ventures and the ability to cultivate healthy relationships. Many have also overcome phobias, reignited lost passions and replaced disempowering habits.

Malti was born in Singapore, lived in Jakarta for many years, though she spent most of her adult life in Sydney, Australia where her grown up daughter Drishti resides.

Being a life-long learner, she's also trained in Ontological Coaching to add to her skills. Malti has recently made Mumbai her home where she coaches, writes for various publications and is constantly working on ways to support people in the journey of self actualization, manifesting desires and being grateful.

Multi-Coaching International - 2001 - NOW

· Conducted one-on-one coaching to hundreds of individuals for over 13 years. Presented and facilitated group training to scores of men and women over the years in Australia and India with thousands of hours of one-on-one experience.

· Published – Hard-back Journal, Thankfulness appreciation Gratitude – My Journal which is available in good bookstores across India and online. This is a series of three such journals.

· Written a full personal development book. “Don't Think of a Blue Ball” published June 2012 and she is fast signing more book contracts on life coaching and personal transformation.

· Her research article, - researching and sharing her experience and views as a divorced mother who had prioritized having a working and healthy relationship with her ex husband, his wife and herself. Marriages May End, Families are Forever – was printed in magazines in Australia, Singapore, India, The Philippines and Malaysia. And translated into many languages online, This lead to her writing career with a co-authored mentoring EBook.

· Google Malti Bhojwani, the first 40 pages of searches will list some of her writing.

· Her paper on the Law Of Attraction was selected to be presented at the ICF - International Coach Federation Conference in Bangalore, India in April 2009. She presented this personally to her peers and received immense recognition for it.

· Been interviewed and featured countless times by Femina, Bombay Times, Mumbai/Pune/Bangalore Mirror, Times of India, Health Me Up, Gloria Magazine, Afternoon Despatch and Courier, New Woman and various publications in India, Internationally and Online interviews on life coaching and personal development and her expert opinions on various topics.

· Expert Professional Coach Consultant for Guylife.comTimes of India, Health Me Up and

· Trained in Ontological Coaching with Newfield Network, where she honed her skills and adding to her toolbox

· Developed VLC – the virtual life coach program to include the 12 program coaching service to more people internationally at an affordable fee to include specific programs like "Jumpstart your life to create lasting changes"  “Dating with Dignity” & “Peaceful, Loving Way to Weight Loss”

· Developing iPad version of the journals

· Youtube channel hosting videos to share all aspects of manifesting your desires

The end of varicose veins!




I empower men and women internationally to reclaim their own power by committing to their dreams and learning to instil powerful habits and practices in their lives to enable the realisation of those dreams and a joyful life.

I am passionate about accepting yourself and your life as it is first, being extremely grateful for all that you already have and then building on it to grow into all that you can be.

To which end, I write books, design and facilitate workshops, create YouTube videos, a Virtual Life Coach program and I offer personalised phone coaching programs.

I also support people who are considering Life Coaching as a career and want to find out more about becoming a Life Coach.

My clients LOSE WEIGHT because after trying all kinds of diet and hiring personal trainers at expensive gyms, they still found it challenging to shed the extra kilos. WIth empathetic live weekly phone coaching sessions, and a structure to hold them accountable, I inspire them to instil practices in their body and emotions that support them in creating a lifestyle of being slim and healthy.

They have EARNED more money, by clarifying their values and declaring their financial and material goals and then working wiht me to ensure that they are deserving of the money in return for the VALUE they are providing. They never work a day in their lives because to start to choose and LOVE what they do. 

Some have found LOVE after years of being single, as they change their beliefs and reclaim their dignity and inner Gods and Goddesses. They accept their bodies and emotions and they learn to let go of people and situations that no longer serve them. They learn to practice using their words with care as they converse effectively in all their relationships.

reIGNITING their marriages, adding gratitude to the situations they feel they cannot change and to truly LOVING PASSIONATELY.

Many of my clients have trained to BECOME LIFE COACHES themselves with ethics, core competencies and integrity.


Live Phone or Skype Coaching
1 off Power Coaching Sessions
Coaching programs
Virtual Life Coach
Weight Loss Coach
Relationship Coach
Career & Business Coaching
Brand Building
Best Selling Author Coaching
Becoming Grateful 
Vision Board through Pinterest Coaching
Attracting Love Coach
Attracting Abundance Coach
Self Esteem & Dating with Dignity Coaching
Getting over lost love Coaching
Letting go & moving on Coaching
Coach yourself Coaching
Become a Life Coach 
Train to become a Professional Coach



March 2012 – Present (5 months) YouTube

The channel has reached over 10,000 views in a short time as the videos are short and interesting. Each video addresses a different area of personal transformation to help the viewer as they pursue lasting changes in their lives. I have used my 12 years of experience from coaching my clients and all the training I have done over the years and put them together in easy to understand short videos.
*YouTube Videos
*Over 30 latest live personal development and lifecoaching videos by top ranking life coach and author 
*Each video has gems to help you create lasting change in your life
*weight loss support
*jumpstart your career or love life support
*personal, private and discreet support
*life coach shares her models and strategies
*lifecoach speaks from the heart
*Free resources from life coach for you to use


January 2011 – Present (1 year 7 months) Emotional Intimacy through communication & NLP. Discreet&Confidential Life Coach

The only way to find the right relationship for you is to first be Happy Single. 
Dating with Dignity
Learn to be discerning
Working with me can be discreet if you want it to be. I do not share the identities of my clients, unless they want to.
Life Coaching with an ICF PCC Coach is always confidential.



June 2010 – Present (2 years 2 months) Published in June 2012 by Om Books - India

Best Selling Author
Tried and tested life coaching exercise and NLP techniques

Book Review by Mandovi Menon for the Times of India online and GuyLife

When you desire for love, health and money and you know you deserve it, your soul directs you towards a pathway that will give you all the experiences you want on a deeper level. Fly up in your balloon, take your loved ones with you and while you are up there, make rainbows appear, just like I did.

SOURCE: Times of India 2012-06-04 07:06:

Be patient, wait, sleep, rest, inhale and exhale. Take turns with the Universe. You got to know that what you want is on its way speeding towards you. Enjoy every moment, truly relish and savour the present. 


January 2000 – Present (12 years 7 months) Learn to relate with your ex and let go of the lost love and be happy again

Love Coaching to
*Develop the habit of carefully choosing your responses instead of impulsively reacting to each other.
Life Coaching to help enable divorced parents to work well together working on the individual's personal well-being, insight into oneself, emotional openness, civility, empathy, goodwill, clarity about the values and principles that guide parenting practices, and skills at negotiating practical arrangements.
It really is all about love for your child or children. Nothing else is more important.


January 1999 – Present (13 years 7 months) Over 12 years experience in Life Coaching, Personal Development & Transformation

* PCC denotes 
* Professional Coach
* Professional Life Coach
by the ICF - International Coach Federation
*Professional Certified Coach
*Certified Lifecoach
* Coaching for self esteem and belief
* Life Coach for dignity and strength
* Virtual Life Coach to Jumpstart your life
* Virtual lifecoaching, 
* Personalised relationship coaching to improve your communications
* Professional Coach for your business and financial goals,
* Experienced Coach in weight loss and body image
* Workshop Facilitator for Stress Management, Team Building and Leadership Training for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and managers
*Professional Coaching for achieving goals and desires
* Mentor coach for life coaches in training and in set up phase


January 2012 – June 2012 (6 months) by Top Ranking Life Coach Malti Bhojwani

Personal Development and Life Coaching is my passion.
The ways you can put your life through a "jumpstart" are numerous and all effective to some degree.
With this program, the VLC, I hope to be able to reach more people simultaneously at a more affordable price to help facilitate lasting change.

Professional Training & Coaching industry

October 2010 – 2011 (1 year)

A first in a series of journals to encourage and support Guided Writing.

Writing is a fabulous way to channel and connect with your higher self. Clarity of mind and creativity is often born from writing.

The 1st in a series of Journals to help encourage and support guided writing, Thankfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude - My Journal is available online now internationally and in good bookstores nation wide.



November 2008 – October 2011 (3 years) To Self Coach yourself to life the Life you Desire instead of one by Default

12 Chapter book to help you first accept where you are, identify what you truly desire, plug into the Universe, be grateful and then simultaneously move forward and take actions towards your dreams and desires.


July 2009 – 2009 (less than a year)

This book will help you to bring out your full potential, find your purpose and live life with passion. Authors include Brian Tracey - Sales Guru, Bob Proctor - The Secret and Malti Bhojwani. E-Book for sale on website.
Excerpt from my chapter "If Not Now, Then When" 

Despite all the odds & your moods,take that first step in the direction of your goal&watch as the Universe gives&gives.Taking that first step opens up your world to one which manifests your desires.It is like holding out a vessel or a pot to the Universe for the stuff we desire to fall into.

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Retail industry

October 2008 – May 2009 (8 months)

Procured relationships with hundreds of new suppliers in Australia and Internationally in the categories or Homeware, Home Furnishings, Bedding, Manchester, Perfumery, Books, Toys and Novelties. Established and opened relationships with hige end top of the line brands that prior to then were averse to supplying to online stores.


2002 – 2007 (5 years)

Importers and Distributors of Home and Giftware


2002 – 2002 (less than a year)

Designed the unique "MCI Way" a 12- week coaching program - The unique phone delivery of personalized one-on-one coaching has made it possible for MCI to coach people from all walks of life, achieve all types of goals all over the world. 


  • PCCP, Coaching

    International Coach Academy

    • Professional Certified Coach Program (none)
  • Graduated, Ontological Coaching

    Newfield Network

    • Foundations and The Art and Practice of Ontological Coaching - TAPOC (Singapore/3)


  • Don't Think Of a Blue Ball

    • Om Books International
    • June 29, 2012
    Authors: Malti Bhojwani, Edited by Nitin Abbey, Senior Editor Dipa Chaudhuri, Publisher Ajay Mago at Om Books International

    This book is as light or as deep as you want it to be, depending on how plugged in you are while reading it. It aims to give you all you need to truly live the life you want and be joyful as you pursue your hearts’ desires. Plug In and do the effective tried and tested exercises derived from Malti’s extensive study and hours of coaching her clients. This book includes scientific explanations where...more

  • Thankfulness Appreciation Gratitude - My Journal

    • Om Books International
    • January 9, 2011
    Authors: Malti Bhojwani, Dipa Chaudhuri Editor in Chief, Ajay Mago at Om Books

    A magical practice to help you sleep in peace and wake up in joy year after year.

    In reprints.




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