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Thursday, 20 October 2011 18:31


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What Do You Value Most?

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Puzzle Visualization Process

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31 Day Habit Forming Checklist

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If you would like to work with Malti herself to support you with a powerful coaching call with any of these exercises or more, go to the PayPal link to book a session for US$180 or the 12 session program for US$1800








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As you know, most things that you do once in a while will not really affect your life or your health in an impactful way, it is what you do regularly that will. The results we have is a sum total of the habits we follow. We each have 24 hours yet some of us manage to include more empowering and healthy habits than others, this is not good or bad, it is just about what you really want and your priorities. Having to juggle family, work, home, friends and so many other things can become challenging sometimes and you may even feel like a circus clown juggling 5 orange balls in the air.

The very powerful analogy I share with my clients is to look at yourself as a God or Goddess from Hindu Mythology and think about the number of arms and hands they have. Imagine that you too are a God or Goddess inside and you too can have it all, you just have to want it enough and strategize it smartly so it works in with your life. You may have to have a close look at your existing habits and what takes up your 24 hours and you may want to take a few things off your plate. Here is where priorities come in.

The benefits of a habit forming checklist is twofold, for one, it creates a plan that you can see with a list of all the empowering habits you want to instill and secondly, as you work your way through the days, it represents a visual image of your results.

We all need to see that we are getting somewhere and that we are indeed making progress and some goals may take time to become evident to us, but having this checklist and as you mark the boxes with ticks and crosses for when you do and do not do the preferred habits will give you a clear picture of what you are really committed to. Some people work better when they have someone who holds them accountable, you could possibly declare some of your habits to a friend and work together as buddies.

Let’s say that you want to shed a few kilos before the end of the year and you want to become more peaceful and intuitive. Any nutritionist or fitness expert or book will simplistically ask you to look at the maths. What you put in (food) minus what you take out (exercise and lifestyle) will equal your weight. A meditation teacher or yoga practitioner will ask you how much time you send in quiet with yourself a day?

The first step is to very honestly and brutally examine your existing habits, take a note book or use your phone and account for every hour of your day for at least two days from wake to sleep and what goes in your mouth including water, tea, sugar or cigarettes.

After you have done this, circle all the ones that you know are contributing to your current shape, weight and mental peace or lack there of. Now think of all the empowering healthy habits you could add to your day that you know will make a difference. For example, if yours is a very sedentary lifestyle, then surely you will need less food than someone who is running around all day. If you have never exercised then surely adding a little bit of exercise will have an effect on your output. If you are always on standby with your phone and around a lot of noise then surely this will contribute to your lack of peace.

To start with, I’d suggest that down the left side of the table, you list all the new and empowering habits you want to continue and instill. I have listed some examples below, but you may have a few of your own that you know will work depending on what your personal goal is and what you are already practicing regularly. The idea is to have at least 10 to 15 daily habits down the left and then small boxes to represent every day for the month. Then all you need to do is check the boxes in green when you do a habit and cross it in red when you don’t do a habit. 

Do not list any of the ones you don’t want to do in here, if you can, try to replace a few of the disempowering or unhealthy habits with more empowering ones, a classic example which does work wonders with some of the people I have worked with is to replace cigarette smoking with sipping water from a small bottle. Replace an hour of TV with an hour on a treadmill with a TV in front of them. Replace the nightly ice-cream with a nightly light fruit or herbal tea. Are you getting the picture?

Some examples of empowering healthy habits”

  • Walk for 60 minutes a day outdoors, around the block or on a treadmill
  • Drink 3 litres of water a day
  • Yoga or Pilates or some weight training 3 times a week (in this case, do not cross the days you were not meant to do it anyway, just leave them blank
  • Writing in a gratitude journal every night
  • Sitting down in silence for 15 minutes a day with your phone off  monitoring your breath
  • Eating 5 light healthy meals a day
  • Educating yourself for a few minutes a day by researching health  and fitness tips from reliable sources.
  • Learning how to meditate or using a guided mediation cd daily

Once you have done this you can set phone reminders for yourself into your phones to keep you conscious. These are just some examples of empowering healthy habits you can adopt and doing so will ensure that you move towards the results you so covet. Just as dropping a 1 rupee coin into a jar daily will give you at least 28 rupees at the end of a month, or taking a vitamin supplement every day will give you the added boost you need, so too practicing your personal empowering habits will make you healthier and happier, I promise.


Click here to download a copy of the MCI’s Habit Forming Checklist for free:

In gratitude,




Saturday, 08 October 2011 11:36

Why work with Malti in 2012?

Published in Life Coaching and Personal Development Written by Malti Bhojwani

Why work with Malti in 2012?

Malti is 40 and a mother of a beautiful well-balanced 20 year old daughter, despite her young divorce, she’s an experienced and certified coach and NLP practitioner. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) She is a pure coach, in that she won’t advise you, hold hierarchy, judgment or prescribe medication. She is not a psychologist, counselor or therapist and you don’t have to have issues and problems to work with a coach, just strong desires or goals.

As a lifelong learner herself on the path of Mastery in Life Coaching, she is now training in Ontological Coaching.

Malti is also the Author of “Thankfulness Appreciation Gratitude – My Journal and “Manifesting Your Desires” – to be out in 2012. She is also working on her third book which will be based on life coaching. Malti is developing web-based coaching models and applications simultaneously.

She founded Multi Coaching International 12 years ago and has since been coaching passionate people who want to extract as much juice out of life using her unique 12-week program “The MCI Way”.

She has helped singles find themselves and then partners to share their authentic selves with, artists live their passions and turned them into large life visions and lucrative careers and she’s supported men and women who have allowed their insecurities to come in the way of living their best lives.

Originally from Singapore, she lived in Indonesia, Australia and is now in India where she is recognized as an expert coach in health& wellbeing, matrimonial and men’s magazines. She holds you and she believes in instilling daily habits of focus and positivity.

Through the 12-Session Program Malti will:

· Support you in clarifying your values and your desires or goals.

· Help you notice your patterns, actions and your way of being

· Hold you watchful of your language especially in your self-talk

· Guide you to re-connect with your inner self and hear that voice

· Show you the power of making decisions

· Facilitate you in declaring your goals, dreams and desires

· Talk you through her personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Visualization process

· Help you hear your intuition and hone it

· Encourage you to trust the process and the Universe

· Teach your how to break down your language so you can make strong distinctions.

· Help you identify incongruent areas and help you to align.

· Help you build self esteem and confidence

· Support you in discovering your underlying desires

· Strategize effective and inspired action plans

· Help you design the 31-Day Habit forming table

· Coach and Enthuse you into creating your personal contract to live and make decisions by.

· Teach you how to ground yourself back to neutral gear so you can choose your responses rather than react impulsively to events

· Encourage you to stretch and be uncomfortable in order to grow.

· Tough you out to be emotionally independent and then relate lovingly with others.

· Remind you of the importance of Compassion, Gratitude and Forgiveness

· Support you if needed, through break ups and healing

· Guide you through letting go of regrets and moving on in the direction of your desires

Unlike therapy and counseling, most professional coaches carry out the weekly 30-40 minute sessions by phone and Malti for one supports you with unlimited email and sms connection in between the weekly calls. This is far more than you get from a counselor or therapist who only deal with issues and offer little or no support in between your visits.

The MCI-Way a 12-session program for USD1,800

Try it out for a week for US$180


As of 1st January 2012, MCI and Malti Bhojwani's coaching rates are as follows:

$180 for 1 week orientation to coaching which includes 1 LIVE call and unlimited support for a week after the call via email, sms, bbm or Whatsapp messaging service. If you should decide to sign up for the 12 session program, the $180 will be deductible from the $1800 and considered the 1st of the 12 sessions.

ALL other older promotions, rates, offers for free trial sessions, or trials for $20 or $1.99 are no longer available.

Sign up for one week of coaching with one of the most experienced life coaches around for $180 now and make sure that 2012 IS the year you truly turn your life around.

Skype is preferable but if it is absolutely unavailable, Malti will call you.

Proceed to pay using the PayPal link and book your 1- week coaching with Malti now.

If not now, then when?





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No one needs a coach to live an ordinary life, but to have an extraordinary 2011....

September already. Do you remember the visions and goals you had set in January for this year? Are you there yet? Less than 4 months to go and MCI has an opening for only 12 more clients to work with this year. Book your 1 week trial for USD180 to get started or if you are ready and pumping, and have no doubt or hesitation, register for our 12 week program and change the course of the year.

If you do have issues or you think a friend of yours has issues? If you are depressed or feeling messed up, if you need advice and want someone to tell you what to do next, then life coaching is not for you…yet. ?

If you yourself are thinking of becoming a coach, you have been advising others and you are the "go-to" guy or the "agony aunt" to everyone, and you feel you know so much more than others, hmmm...second think again, coaching may not be what you think it is. It is misconceived a lot. The only way to decide is to get coached yourself first as you go through this career transition.

A large portion of our clients at any given time is coaches themselves or coaches in training. Having a mentor coach is essential when you are considering this fabulous choice.

The Life Coach honors the client as the expert in their life and work, and believes that clients are creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coach's responsibility is to:

• Discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve

• Encourage your self-discovery

• Elicit solutions and strategies generated by you.

• Hold you responsible and accountable

(ICF - International Coach Federation)

No one needs a coach to live an ordinary life. Professional Coaching is an ongoing relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives. Tiger Woods had one, I have one, do you want one too?

Life coaches work with highly motivated and successful individuals who already have all their “stuff” together. The skills you will acquire however through the coaching relationship will leave you with regained personal resources and power, which will save you time, money and heartache throughout your life.

Slots with Multi Coaching International for 2011 are limited. If coaching is something you have been thinking about for a long time then sign up now with us to be coached personally by a professional and experienced life coach who is also an NLP practitioner.  Book now to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions regarding coaching, NLP, coach mentoring, our rates and the programs, please visit or if you can’t find your answers there, feel free to email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If however, you are looking to get coached this year then please sign up now. We are almost at full capacity for January 2012.

The MCI Way 12-week program package is one easy payment of USD1,800.

One off sessions are charged at USD180


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Sunday, 17 July 2011 14:56

Life Coaching Programs 2012

Published in Life Coaching and Personal Development Written by Administrator

Professional Life Coaching

Work with a coach who has 12 years experience in life coaching and personal development and transformation.

You can hear about life coaching and read about life coaches, however the only way to truly understand how working with one can support you in living a life of your dreams is to Experience it for yourself. Try on a coach for 1 week for US$180. Includes one live call and unlimited email or messaging support in between. Includes exercises and powerful coaching to gain some clarity on where you want to head in 2012.

The US$180 is deductible when you commit to the 12 week program.

Coaching fee for the 12 week program is US$1800.

Just as you can't expect results from one trip to the gym, in the same way, coaching works best when there is continuity and a strong relationship is built.

12 sessions is recommended, as it takes 90 days to instill a new way of being, a new habit.

The most common goals or desires are around these areas:

1) Work or money – to earn more, change career, assert self at work, be more productive, be happier. Increase the scope and vision of an existing business, jumpstart a new business. Stay focused and committed.

2) Physical appearance – to lose weight, dress better, improve your body image and confidence, gain muscle tone and improve your posture.

3) Love and relationships – to find love or that dream partner, to communicate better in relationships, to end toxic ones or to be happy in their current situation. To get clear on what you are looking for. To better your communication with your family, colleagues and friends.

Whatever your declared goals, along the path you will discover many of your undeclared goals, dreams and desires and come face to face with what has been in the way of you achieving them.

lose weight,

earn more,

start new businesses,

gain confidence in all areas,

turn your ideas into businesses,

find partners,

replace disempowering habits,

reignite your relationships,

train to become a coach yourself,

basically change the course of your life.

Malti also mentors other life coaches and was invited to present on "The Law of Attraction" at the International Coach Federation Conference last year as she uses the law of attraction and her implicit faith in the Universe to coach and mentor. Having 12 years experience under her belt and having been through years of ongoing training, she is back in training again in Otological Coaching.

Email us to book your 1st week of coaching.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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