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Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013
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Video Transcript - Life Coaching Videos

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Professional Life Coach - Introduction To Malti Bhojwani - Episode 1


YouTube Channel: maltibhojwani

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Welcome to the end of your life as we know it. Or should I say welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life. So take a look around, take a look around at what you have created. Look at your finances, your relationships, your friendships, your e-mail box, your contacts, your job, the car you drive, your health and fitness. Everything that you have in your life right now is a direct result of everything you've been thinking, saying and the way you've been holding your body right up to now. How does that sound? Well the good news is, since you created all that, you can create exactly what you want now in your future. You might think, if I'd been the creator all along then why do I have in my life things I don't want, things I don't like. Why don't I have everything that I do want? Well, the thing is you can't not think of something, without first thinking about it. I'll say that again slowly, you can’t not think of something without first thinking about it. So let’s try this out together, whatever you do right now, whatever you do, do not think of a blue ball. What did you do? Exactly you thought of a blue ball.

So how do I get you to think about something else, I would have to suggest that you think about something else? So how about this, try and think about a pink elephant, there you go. So you start looking at your life and saying things like, I don't want to be fat, I don’t want to be single, I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be in debt, I don’t want to be living in these conditions. What do you think you are doing? Exactly, you're just thinking about all the things that you don't want and the law of attraction you'll be attracting them. So just as you would never defy the law of gravity, like I wouldn't drop this pen because it would inevitably fall. Do not, do not defy the law of attraction because it works, it works. Every single thing that you have in your life right now is what you been attracting to yourself. So in this series of videos what I’m going to try and hope you do is to become the driver of your own life, sit in the driver's seat of your life. The good news about that is you are the only person responsible for the rest of your life. The bad news is, you can't blame anybody anymore. You can’t go that's their fault or its circumstantial, no you are responsible. I'd like to say that in life you can have lots and lots of reasons, reasons that you don't have what you want or you can have results. Results or reasons, what would you prefer.

The invitation I have for you is don't procrastinate, don’t put this off. What we tend to do is read a really good book and then we put it away and that's it. Or we watch a really fabulous video or attend a great workshop and we forget about it the next day. So what I'm aiming to do is at the end of each episode, I'm going to suggest some exercises and some practices. And if you want to really get into the driver’s seat of your life, then you will trust me and actually do these exercises, practice them. In a future episode I will explain to you how BEL works, body emotion language. So that's a model in ontological coaching that I'm trained in through new field. And when you learn how to use your body, your emotion and your language to help you create the results that you want in your life, then you will be doing really, really well.

Speaking about driving, this actually reminds me of a defensive driving course I did. I did this back in Sydney a few years ago. And in the course the instructor, he was teaching us how to avoid accidents. And he said that we needed to not look at oncoming traffic, not look at the head lights of oncoming traffic when driving late at night on the highway. And that's the tendency, you just want to look that way because the lights are coming that way. And what do you think that's going to lead to? Exactly, head-on collision, not good. What you're meant to do however is focus on the road, focus on the journey in front of you.

So think about these headlights as your problems and your issues and your worries. And what some of us tend to do is to look there and what do you end up doing? You attract more of that. All you need to do is move your focus, look towards your future, look at the desired results that you want. In the series I promise to show you through visualization, through centering, through NLP and through changing your body language and your language itself how to truly get into the driving seat of your life. So stay tuned.

And get yourself a copy of my book “Don’t Think Of a Blue Ball” straight away so you too can start living the life you desire, instead of one by default.

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