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Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013
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Virtual Life Coach - Jumpstart your life for lasting change by top life coach

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Most of us have desires and goals and we set ourselves deadlines to get to them, They could be professional, personal, fitness, educational or relationship desires and when we start taking action towards these goals, we sometimes reach roadblocks or plateaus and we just need a little bit more motivation and inspiration to keep the momentum. A slight “push” could keep us moving without giving up for a fraction of the cost of hiring our own personal professional life coach.

Malti Bhojwani is currently the top ranking life coach out of close to 200,000 life coaches registered on Linkedin. Being an ICF (International Coach Federation) professional certified coach, trained in Ontological Coaching by Newfield Network as well, she combines her decade of experience coaching individuals in this program. She used to only offer personalised phone coaching programs and now she’s developed this unique 12-module program to help you jumpstart your life.

She empowers men and women internationally to reclaim their own power by committing to their dreams and learning to instill powerful habits and practices in their lives to enable the realisation of those dreams and a joyful life.

“There are numerous ways you can put your life through a "jumpstart" and all are effective to some degree. With this program, the VLC, I hope to be able to reach more people simultaneously at a more affordable price to help facilitate lasting change.”

Her clients LOSE WEIGHT because after trying all kinds of diet and hiring personal trainers at expensive gyms, they still found it challenging to shed the extra kilos. They have EARNED more money, by clarifying their values and declaring their financial and material goals and then working with her to ensure that they are deserving of the money in return for the VALUE they are providing. They never work a day in their lives because to start to choose and LOVE what they do. Some have found LOVE after years of being single, as they change their beliefs and reclaim their dignity and inner Gods and Goddesses. They accept their bodies and emotions and they learn to let go of people and situations that no longer serve them. They’ve learnt to practice using their words with care as they converse effectively in all their relationships. reIGNITING their marriages, adding gratitude to the situations they feel they cannot change and to truly LOVING PASSIONATELY.

Malti is the Best Selling Author
of “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” where she included her tried and tested life coaching exercise and NLP techniques
to help create lasting changes.

In a research article by Max Celko, he states, “Mental health and self-improvement services are increasingly accessible via mobile apps. The newest crop of these apps increasingly integrates Artificial Intelligence capabilities similar to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri”

(Max Celko is a Researcher of the Hybrid Reality Institute - a research and advisory group focused on human-technology co-evolution, geotechnology and innovation.)

According to the study, published in the current issue of the Journal of Medical Internet Research, those using a virtual coach maintained their exercise regime over the course of the 12-week study, while those without saw their exercise intensity levels decrease by 14.3 percent.

The Virtual Life Coach Package is priced at US$297 and will be launched real soon.

We will be offering a promotional price of US$97 for the first 100 enrollments. Please email us if you would like to put your name down for the promotion.

Subject line: VLC Promo

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