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Get coached - Featured in The Afternoon Despatch and Courier - May 12th 2011

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“Once you make a decision, the Universe magically rearranges everything to make it all happen for you,” says Malti Bhojwani. Samreen Samad finds out more about India’s first life coach

Haven’t heard of the term ‘life coach’? You may liken it to being a shrink, therapist or consultant. But it’s a lot more than that. Malti Bhojwani, a renowned life coach, has worked in Madrid, Jakarta and Sydney. She now comes to India to help people achieve their goals. Read to find out more about her and her job…


What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist/shrink/consultant?

The main distinction between coaching and any other form of therapy or counseling is that coaching is present and future motivated. The others are often about past issues. Coaching supports people in assessing where they are now and then deciding where they want to go. It is often about achieving specific goals in the future. A qualified life coach will help you increase your choices and options in how to get where you want to go. Coaching is a process where your client grows and widens their perspectives.


What made you take up life coaching as a career?

It was a time when I was going through my own personal challenges, which led me to personal development books and workshops. I was involved with an Anthony Robbins seminar and AsiaWorks, which is a life-changing experiential workshop training. After that, I decided that I wanted to be involved in personal development. At that time, I was living in Australia and life coaching had just become popular. It felt like a calling. Every magazine or newspaper I picked up seemed to beckon me to become a life coach.


What are the qualifications one needs to become a life coach?

An intensive life coach training program is essential. It has to be accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) or the CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance). Apart from that, there are no real prerequisites. There are some good coach training institutes that are available to Indians and I recommend that anyone who wants to become a coach should contact me for more details and guidance.


Is life coaching a lucrative career option?

Absolutely. I have been able to realise all my dreams and goals just from coaching and it feels great. What better way to achieve personal success than through helping others do the same?


What is the difference between life coaching internationally and life coaching in India?

Nothing really. Except that I have to remind them of what coaching is not and sometimes I need to be firm so that the client does not waste time telling me their "stories." We Indians love to tell long stories and we often blame others, traffic, situations, people for the way things are. Whereas one of the key principles applied in coaching is to take responsibility. Life coaching is new here, many don't know what to expect. So, my job includes having to reinforce that if anything is going to happen it has to come from the action that they are willing to commit to. The other difference is the rates. My international rates are double my Indian rates!


You have recently published a book, tell us more about it.

I am working on a full feature personal development book and the working title of this book is Manifest Your Desires. This is a guide to help people achieve their goals and realise their dreams. I have used all my years of experience and combined it with everything I know that will help readers be their own life coach.


How do you use your own life coaching skills in your personal life?

It is rather challenging to coach myself, somewhat like asking a dentist to perform his own root canal. But, I guess the difference for me is that I am aware. Even when I delve on something or stay in indecision, I am aware and that awareness in itself helps me out of it.


Pick up Malti’s book Thankfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude at all leading book stores for Rs295.






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