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Thursday, 18 Apr 2013

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Sunday, 23 December 2012 18:55

Life Coach & Author launches brand new website

Published in My Thoughts Written by Malti Bhojwani

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new website:

I have had this one for over a decade and it has been a fabulous platform for me to share my work and my thoughts. It has also been a space where readers have been able to express their feelings and share their thoughts, but I am so grateful to the entire team at Creatives That Work for the awesome website they have built for me from start to finish in such a short period of time, working overtime during this festive season to have had it ready yesterday.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to Joshua Rozario - Co Founder and CEO for his keen "eye", his compassion, his style and his strategies. His genuine care for my brand and the feel and look of everything related to it.

Deepthi Joanna - Editorial Consultant who coordinated all of us.

Murugan S - Web Consultant for all his technical support and his ability to think outside the box to make things happen!

Alexander Thomas - Creative Consultant for taking the time to understand me and my likes and dislikes and then convert it into the logo, colours and feel of "Malti Bhojwani"


I am so grateful. I am speechless.


Please do take the time to browse through the very comprehensive website (and we are still adding more to it in the new year) and do feel free to drop in your comments.


CLICK here:


You have a problem with erection? Not only you!

Monday, 18 June 2012 16:11

Without A Doubt

Published in My Thoughts Written by Malti Bhojwani

If you are anything like me, then this will sound incredibly familiar to you. So, you are in this new relationship and getting very excited, could he be the one, he seems so interested, replying all my messages, and liking my photos on facebook, this could be really happening....
Then....suddenly one morning, there is no text or message for him, you don't get a reply to your messages and instead of getting on with your busy day, you stop and your world goes on hold, you are like obsessed about why he has not contacted you. You look at your phone and refresh your computer screen just to make sure everything is working....but not a peep from your heart sinks and you start believing that this is doomed to fail.
It is over, even before it has started....
This is when you start to plant all your seeds of doubt.....
Doubt my dear is the #1 killer of any potential relationship or business success.
If you have every felt this way, I suggest you watch this video now.
This is a sneak preview as it is not "live" as yet, but I have been so excited to get it out there and to read your comments.
While you are at it, watch Episodes 17 and 18 as well for they are all about Faith vs Doubt.
Doubt kills, and Faith grows.... you choose!!!
Another sneak preview into my Book.
Don't Think Of a Blue Ball - to be released in 10 days,
This is from the part in the book called "Without a Doubt"

"If you were familiar with Mumbai as a city, you would know that to find an apartment to rent within a budget with a gym would be impossible. When I was looking for a place, the very night before I saw this particular one that I did make my home, while I practiced my nightly Plugging In, a passing thought came to my mind to “add to” my apartment wish-list desire, a small gym with at least a treadmill.

I had been looking for a place for two weeks so obviously my thoughts were around finding the right place. Even as I thought it, I remember saying to myself, “Malti, this is Mumbai and you have a budget.” Still I said it and visualised it before dozing off. The next day, the broker showed me this place and I liked it and was already beginning to negotiate rent on the way out but then as I stepped out of the lift, I saw a door slightly ajar, and someone walking on a treadmill"

You can pre-order the book at:
Lots of love and gratitude for your readership and your time,

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 23:39

Traveling Light Again...

Published in My Thoughts Written by Malti Bhojwani

I had been so busy, no time to be, to relax and to slow down. It has felt this way for a year now….since I moved into this flat in Mumbai….today I woke up with clarity to let it go. Working from home and for yourself and living alone can do that to you. I have been so committed and with wanting everything to happen yesterday, I have been working on my book, my virtual coach software with my partners in Canada and Singapore, finishing my Newfield Ontological training, coaching my current personal clients and developing and filming for my youtube channel along with writing articles for various publications and developing modules for corporates and education non-stop. I woke up and I slept constantly connected to my blackberry which never stopped because I communicate internationally, someone is always awake.


*be - lots about "being" in my upcoming book


I didn’t realise that I did not stop til yesterday when a friend called and til yesterday I was hardly accepting personal calls, except from parents, brothers and daughter and when he asked me how I was, and I said busy, he said, but you are always busy…..I worked and I went to the gym and that’s about it with the occasional weekend out, but then too very conscious about having to wake up early the next day….my computer on all day and my projects brewing all night...


It hit me….I was living a contradiction to what I declared I wanted to do. I guess it was exactly what I needed for the past year….finishing a 66,000++ word personal development book is a project that took its own life... and I spent the year establishing my practice internationally whilst settling into India. I also achieved my PCC (professional certified coach credentials) But this morning, I exhaled…. Phew….

I guess the exhilaration of finishing the book is slowly seeping into my body.


And today, after I decided what I am doing for now, I feel like I am on holiday, not something I have been OK to do guiltlessly….so here it is, my time to be on a bit of a holiday, (don’t worry, my dear clients and readers – my coaching and writing won’t stop… I am here for you and I am sure you will appreciate the “lightness” I will bring to our calls  henceforth!)


Yesterday I received an email from Higher Awareness, this is one of the inspirational websites I subscribe to that always seem like they are talking to JUST me. Like they have been put on the Universe for me, have you ever felt that?

hear clear pro


"One has to abandon altogether the search for security, and reach out to the risk of living with both arms.

-- Morris L. West


The insight I got yesterday was that my attachment to earning money for a false sense of security that I would get from a home and material possessions was what was keeping me from flying. Literally!


What security was I chasing when I have been so blessed with wings and again I am on the crest and I am gonna jump and soar….and the friendships and connections that matter and are real are never dependent on time or space. Staying in one space and stagnating will only turn them into habits, obligations and neediness....some of my closest connections are with people the furthest away from me. Some of my

dearest friends, who live down the road, I hardly see, because they live down the road.....

Looking forward to spending a lot more time with you ... (xx - you know who you are!!!)


Today, I woke up realizing that it is time to travel light again…

I had the epiphany and made some decisions... I'm going to be traveling for a few months off and on and also baby-sitting my dearest friend's son for a week, ...and I want to visit parents and my brother and his new dog "Destiny"  Feels like Destiny is calling! All the work I am doing I can do from anywhere in the world as long as I have internet and a keyboard. (time to buy an iPad too I think)


And I guess the biggest sign came to me when after all the apartments I had seen were  just not happening, then I saw one I liked, and the owner-dude declined my offer, because I'm a single woman in the city......I guess Sex And The City - Carrie kind of independence only exists in Manhattan!!!  So instead of being disappointed or annoyed, I smiled and decided, I am going to vagabond again for a few months til I find inspiration...this time with ease and grace....gratefully. Funny how when a circumstance was put onto me, I complained about it and now choosing the same predicament, I am rejoicing it!!! :)


"Many people think that by hoarding money they are gaining safety for themselves. If money is your ONLY hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a person can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. Without these qualities, money is practically useless."

-- Henry Ford


Talk about perspective……a year ago, I remember complaining that I had been vagabonding and living out of a suitcase (ok a few suitcases) and that I needed a home, a bed-side table to place my journal and pen and eye-cream,……of my own….and when speaking to my brother, he reminded me to be careful what I wished for because a “Global best-selling-international author and speaker lives out of a suitcase”


I have also been referred to as a Gypsy many years ago and I think I have always had the heart of a gypsy but then societal norms and the need for “false security” and maybe being an Eatery Taurean, I have always thought  I needed a home and I have been ungrateful for so much that I have, because I didn’t have a space of my own.


Today I am at the same crossroad, having just finished the book and with travel plans all the way up til July at least, I don’t need a home again…. I am growing and changing and I need to be free again…I do see staying on now in Bandra in Mumbai and doing more of the same as “stagnating” Today a friend of mine told me he was happy for me that I had rediscovered my gypsy! :)


As I was typing this, my dearest and oldest friend Kiran called and I told her all and she laughed with me as she remembered me saying this back when I was in school over 25 years ago… that I wanted to live out of a suitcase. So she was so so happy for me and honestly said “WOW”! Wow that you can!!!

Once again, the world is my oyster.


Another dear friend of mine reminded me that a wise man once said..'travel light' on a holiday and in life..:)


Yes I've done that before.....thought I was done...but guess not yet!

I envision LOTS of travel this year, especially with the launch of the book nationally for sure and internationally as I might as well be as light as I can.


Selling furniture ....making myself light! Feel like I rediscovered my Gypsy heart... :) I'm feeling great, so it has to be right. Took me long enough to come to this space...of clarity..I had been plugging in and praying for clarity for a few weeks now. I was holding on to weight all kinds of weight! For no reason but a sense of security which I don't need as I KNOW now that the only security is my sense of inner faith and knowing that I am always cradled and blessed..... I have wings... I fly.....Malti Bhojwani - resident of the world, citizen of the Universe...



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