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Thursday, 18 Apr 2013

Our Team

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Malti Bhojwani,

Malti Bhojwani is the 39-year old founder of Multi Coaching International (MCI), is an NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a workshop leader and published author. She mainly coaches clients by phone one-on-one using her original 12-week program where her unique empathetic way of questioning and inquiring leads to empowerment and positive growth for her clients.

Her clients have lost weight, earned more money, gotten over phobias, found partners, replaced bad habits, reignited their marriages, basically changed their lives.

She also teaches and mentors other coaches. She was invited to present her paper on "The Law of Attraction" at the International Coach Federation Conference last year as she uses the law of attraction and her implicit trust in the Universe to coach and mentor. Malti was featured on TV and in the The Sunday Telegraph in Sydney almost a decade ago when Life Coaching had just started being known. She was recently featured as an expert in The Times of India as well. She has already co-authored an E-Book – The Success Journals together with renowned writers Bob Proctor and Brian Tracey and is working on several more literary projects.

"There is nothing more powerful than someone taking responsibility for their life by declaring what that life is going to be about and then taking definite steps towards living it."

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Toral Patel,

Toral Patel, is a professional life and executive coach.  She is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about building partnerships with women across the world empowering them to believe, design and manifest the life that they really want. She works with them to release internal obstacles and supports them to reach their goals through a compassionate, authentic and forward moving life experience.

Toral has worked for a few years to reach her own sense of inner balance both in her personal and professional life – she says this is a lifelong journey. She is the happiest when she is able to build meaningful connections and impact lives positively.

Toral has worked with people extensively for over ten years in the Outsourcing, Financial Services and the Human Resource space, across functions – Sales, Operations, HR and Program Management. She is currently working with a young entrepreneur in the Human Resource space where she utilizes her coaching skills and experience to streamline and expand the business in a structured manner.

She has an MBA from Bentley College, USA and is pursuing her Certified Professional Coach Program from the International Coach Academy and is an affiliate coach for Multi Coaching International



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0 natasha 2013-04-17 12:10 #1
I need to talk with any of the life couches its urgent i am stuck up with lots off things I NEED HELP SERIOUSLY I NEED IT

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