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Life Coaching Programs 2012

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Professional Life Coaching

Work with a coach who has 12 years experience in life coaching and personal development and transformation.

You can hear about life coaching and read about life coaches, however the only way to truly understand how working with one can support you in living a life of your dreams is to Experience it for yourself. Try on a coach for 1 week for US$180. Includes one live call and unlimited email or messaging support in between. Includes exercises and powerful coaching to gain some clarity on where you want to head in 2012.

The US$180 is deductible when you commit to the 12 week program.

Coaching fee for the 12 week program is US$1800.

Just as you can't expect results from one trip to the gym, in the same way, coaching works best when there is continuity and a strong relationship is built.

12 sessions is recommended, as it takes 90 days to instill a new way of being, a new habit.

The most common goals or desires are around these areas:

1) Work or money – to earn more, change career, assert self at work, be more productive, be happier. Increase the scope and vision of an existing business, jumpstart a new business. Stay focused and committed.

2) Physical appearance – to lose weight, dress better, improve your body image and confidence, gain muscle tone and improve your posture.

3) Love and relationships – to find love or that dream partner, to communicate better in relationships, to end toxic ones or to be happy in their current situation. To get clear on what you are looking for. To better your communication with your family, colleagues and friends.


Whatever your declared goals, along the path you will discover many of your undeclared goals, dreams and desires and come face to face with what has been in the way of you achieving them.

lose weight,

earn more,

start new businesses,

gain confidence in all areas,

turn your ideas into businesses,

find partners,

replace disempowering habits,

reignite your relationships,

train to become a coach yourself,

basically change the course of your life.

Malti also mentors other life coaches and was invited to present on "The Law of Attraction" at the International Coach Federation Conference last year as she uses the law of attraction and her implicit faith in the Universe to coach and mentor. Having 12 years experience under her belt and having been through years of ongoing training, she is back in training again in Otological Coaching.

Email us to book your 1st week of coaching.

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