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Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013

The MCI Way

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- Our Unique and Effective Coaching Model -


What is the investment for hiring your own life coach and what are our rates?


Multi-coaching International's rates are USD 1,800 for 3 months coaching. Certified coaches' rates vary from USD60 up to USD500/hour. MCI's coaching cost approximately USD150 per week – this includes the once a week – half-hour call and the unlimited in-between emails/sms and blackberry or WhatsApp messaging. This is very different from the fee that you would pay for a once a week consultation with other practitioners where there is no relationship and support in between the sessions. Coaching with MCI is a 3 to 4 month supportive relationship between the client and the coach.

What does a life coaching session typically involve?


Typically a session involves a phone conversation in a quiet and undisturbed space. A first session would include a discovery process to help the client become clear on what they really want. The coach would ask powerful questions to support the client in declaring those "wants". As I am trained in NLP as well (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I would ensure that these wants are aligned and also get to the reasons behind the want. For example, someone who wants to become fit and slim, may have an underlying desire to just be liked.

After the goals are clear, and many coaches will work on 3 specific ones, the client and coach will together work out strategies and then tasks that will bring them closer to the goal. Whether it is to increase the turnover of their business or to improve the communication with a loved one or to become slimmer.

The session will engage the client in a focused discussion to help them commit to the actions required during the week.

Subsequent sessions will address the results vs the reasons of the previous week.  "Do you want to have a life full of reasons (why you do not have the stuff you want) or results?" The client will get to assess their own progress and the opportunity to clear the space by bringing up any challenges they had during the week and any new breakthroughs or change of perspective. They will also celebrate any wins and the client starts to learn to acknowledge themselves and express gratitude for the good that they have experienced. A coach who is also trained in NLP will help the client make a habit of using positive language, affirmations and visualization techniques to stay positive and attract more positives into their lives.

Sessions may also include powerful closed-eye processes, creating positive affirmations and tools to support the client in staying aligned towards reaching their goals.

The weekly homework would often involve deep self-inquiries and reflection to help the client become more aware of their thoughts and actions rather than being on "auto-pilot".

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How much of time per week does it take?

The actual one-to-one sessions which many coaches deliver over the phone is for about 30 minutes, to keep it succinct and effective. The coach would often suggest "homework" to the client during the week and if the client agrees to commit to that homework, then, they would spend the week accomplishing those tasks – which are aligned with their goals and what they want to achieve. Actual coaching is a 30-minute call once a week and lots of email/sms follow up in between. Often the coach may refuse to make the call, if the tesks agreed upon has not been accomplished by the set-out time frame. Most coaches find it most effective to coach by phone which means also that no time is "wasted" in traffic or commuting. I find that phone coaching also puts the client at ease and takes away any sense of hierarchy, shyness or distraction that face to face sessions may present.




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