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Thursday, 16 May 2013


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Good to go with your Gut - Mitali Parekh speaks to Malti Bhojwani

Intuition is the signal your unconcsious mind sends you, telling you to do something or not. Hone it, say experts

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Has it ever happened that your phone beeped, and you knew it was your client. Some call it a hunch, others, a fleeting flash of intuition. The word intuition is derived from the Latin in + tuiri (to look at), and in psychological terms, it's nothing more than connecting, within a context, a range of information that the unconscious mind is absorbing every minute. "Our unconscious mind observes and stores every ounce of data," says neurolinguistic programming expert Malti Bhojwani.

"And when needed, it picks up relevant information and presents it to us. For instance, you know it is your client's text, because you had sent him/her one earlier, and your unconscious mind calculated the time it would take for him/her to read it, based on information it had about his/her work schedule." Intuition is like a signal that tells you to do something or not, pulling you in a certain direction so that you end up being at the right place at the right time. It may tell you that your orientation feels right or wrong. Most often, it comes to you unexpectedly. The ability to use your intuition is like using a muscle, says Mumbaibased Bhojwani. And like any other muscle in the human body, the more you use it, the stronger it grows. Bhojwani, who has discussed the phenomenon in her recent book, Don't Think of a Blue Ball, tells you how to recognise a hunch, and strengthen it using simple techniques.

Plugging in
'Plugging In' is the term Bhojwani uses for meditation — alone time with yourself, sitting in silence, finding your axis, praying — you can call it anything you like. All you need to do is sit by yourself, in a relaxed position of 'openness', i.e. shoulders thrown back, spine straight, legs and hands uncrossed.

Accept your thoughts and feelings as they come, and let them go. Slowly, become aware of your breathing. If you like, you can ask for help, internally, from a higher power. If you don't, think of the problem you need help with — this makes your conscious mind run down to the library of your unconscious mind with an intention. The unconscious then runs through its files of observations, and throws up all that can help you in the given situation.

Bhojwani emphasises on connecting with the Universe or a higher self. To do this, she imagines roots growing from her feet deep into the ground and vibrations from her head reaching to the sky. You could also try imagining that you are gradually being filled with a white light, or happiness or love.

Focus on the space between your brows, where the chakra that governs third sight sits, if that is your belief.

Bhojwani suggests doing this whenever you can, for however long, even if it is just before you fall asleep every night. Three short sessions of three to five minutes a day will help.

Once you are plugged in, expand your sphere of observation. You have to do this on three levels — visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Take in the details of the colours around you, the textures, the difference in shapes and shades. Notice the layers of sounds — conversations around you, sounds of traffic, bird chirping, and the voices in your head.

Then, there is what you feel on your skin — the temperature, direction of air, the feeling of the sofa you are sitting on, etc.

By doing this, you are bringing to a conscious level what your unconscious notices and stores. Thus, you will be able to recall it better.

Now contract your focus. Take one thing, say the feeling of the chair you are sitting on, and notice the sensations minutely. The pressure you feel, the strain of the cloth on your seat, how it leads to tension between the hip and the knee. You are exercising your senses, and training your mind to recognise everything it put away, making it more diligent so you can tell the next time you have a hunch.

You can turn this into a game you play while commuting back from work.

Keep a journal
Reviewing hunches helps validate them. Carry a notebook and jot down every thought. From time to time, see how many of these come true, and you might end up recognising your strengths. This will also help you weed out prejudice — you knew your friend would not get back to you with a job contact, but she did. Your hunch was wrong, but then so was your prejudice.


When you are likely to meet a group of people later, jot down your impressions of them. Mr A is a single child; Ms B went to boarding school, etc. When you get the chance, ask them about your guesses and see whether you were right. Then break down the reasons — perhaps Ms B's independence and easy confidence is something you've seen in your cousin, who went to boarding school.

This practice will help you recognise the information, and make connections.

Everything is connected
Another exercise Bhojwani suggests is to see how everything is connected. While this doesn't work your intuition directly, it helps calm you down in a crisis, which indirectly means your brain works better since it is relaxed, and allows you to notice your hunches.

At the end of the day, acknowledge one positive occurrence. It could be something as small as getting to unexpectedly eat your favourite dessert. Trace the chain of events that led to this — your colleague was supposed to go to a client meeting, but (s)he fell ill (and you were irritated you had to fill in). The client insisted on meeting at the restaurant that happens to serve your favourite dessert. That's how you ate two banoffies on company account!

When you make a habit of going through this routine, you won't be thrown off guard by momentary disruptions and begin believing that in the end, it will be alright.

By Mitali Parekh for the Times of India



Press Release: Lessons in living made easy by a true-born life coach

Readers of present and past have been served with a copious fare of self-help books and books on how to
develop an attitude towards life. Being agonizing, dogmatic and of little help, most of the reams of literature published in this genres lies in bureaus gathering dust, but never even makes it to being a conversation starter.

Malti Bhojwani, with her simple but spirited style of writing, begs to differ about being a life coach. Her book, Don’t Think of a Blue Ball is not just self-help, nor does it have the languid, instructional tone. In fact, it has the light, breezy and sanguine tone that most self-important life coaches cannot keep away from their writing. The book does not bring up issues one do not want to face up to, but lets ideas unfold only when one is ready for it.

The modus operandi of the book is that it treats the reader with respect. There are scientific, spiritual and situational examples, some derived from the rich experience of the author who is herself a successful and dedicated life coach, and some others taken as excerpts from scriptures, writings of great philosophers, thinkers and Gurus.

Being pertinent to the current times, equally respectful of the past, and welcoming the future with gurgling enthusiasm, the book has received favorable reviews already from Times of India. As Mandovi Menon eloquently writes, this book is a compelling one, but nowhere is it constrictive. It keeps gyrating as naturally as one’s thoughts would, and it is easy to see why one feels as if one is in conversation with the author herself. She has been able to distill experiences from her life coaching sessions and witty little epigrams and present them coyly to the reader, who feels as if they were reading about themselves. No wonder a #1 ranking among out of the 186,000 life-coaches of today has been bestowed on Ms Bhojwani.

“As she gently forces us to confront a more honest version of ourselves through riveting lessons about positivity, replacing negativity, letting go, coincidences and much more…” says Ms Menon while writing for the Times of India about Don’t Think of a Blue Ball. It is no wonder the book has gained international popularity right from the moment it was released, and the copies have been flying off the shelves. Bhojwani’s YouTube channel has already crossed 10,000 views. Check out and buy the book at



Since it's very recent release, "Don't Think of a Blue Ball" has made its way around the globe to land in the hands of world renowned authors and speakers including Les Hewitt, co-author "The Power of Focus" which was written together with Jack canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series) and Mark Victor Hansen ("Outwitting the Devil" with Napolean Hill) It is no surprise that Malti's book is sailing in the same rivers
as these phenomenal authors. Malti has quoted Napolean Hill several times in this book, with permission and blessings from the foundation. "Think and Grow Rich" was an instrumental book in her own personal development journey and literally "hit" her on the head (as she puts in) three times in over a decade before she "got" it!









Malti Bhojwani is a Professional Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Author.


GuyLife - Times of India Book Giveaway Contest - #DTBB Don't Think of a Blue Ball by Malti Bhojwani

Guylife expert, Malti Bhojwani, in partnership with is giving away 20 free copies of her latest self-help guide, Don't Think Of A Blue Ball, which is published by OM Books International.


The book talks about something people nowadays have been struggling to achieve--a real sense of inner peace. Using her usual simple style, Malti has speckled her book with generous dollops of life lessons, DIY exercises and easy-to-adopt methods to help readers achieve a perfect balance for a healthier and happier life. 


And the best part is that she simplifies things that seem to be unnecessarily complicated otherwise. This book is a must-read for everyone. As Malti herself puts it, 'Don't Think Of A Blue Ball is as deep or as light as you want it to be." 

Read our review of Malti Bhojwani's Don't Think Of A Blue Ball here.

How to Enter

It's as simple as 'liking' us on facebook. You can do so here.

Then, all you have to do is answer two easy questions on our wall!

20 lucky fans will each get a copy of Don't Think Of A Blue Ball.

Book Review: 'Don't Think of a Blue Ball' by Malti Bhojwani by Mandovi Menon for The Times of India

Don't Think of a Blue Ball is not a book for the closed-minded. It's well in keeping with the changing times, the growing sense of spirituality that's shrouding the world today. It contemplates something that more and more people have been searching for in these trying times--a real sense of inner peace. 

It's fickle in the best of ways; only to imply that this book has chameleon content and can as such be whatever you want it to be. In fact, Malti herself puts it best at the very beginning of the book when she says, "Don't Think of a Blue Ball can be as deep or as light as you want it to be." Though this may be enough motivation for you to go out and grab yourself a copy, allow me to paint a clearer picture. 

This is a self-help book in many ways--no question about that. But Malti has definitely given the genre a fresh perspective, at least with respect to linguistic style. If you've been a regular reader of her articles, you already know of this life-coach's uncanny ability to simplify complex theories and illustrate their application in real life. This book is much the same in all its unprocessed, what-you-see-is-what-you-get language. 

The book has a good flow, which is remarkable considering the plethora of topics that Malti speaks about in here. The topics she covers have been spoken about before--in literary works such as 2006's best-seller The Secret--but she tackles it in a manner I thought was especially riveting due to a strong sense of personality that comes through. As she gently forces us to confront a more honest version of ourselves through riveting lessons about positivity, replacing negativity, letting go, coincidences and much more. 

A lot of her prose is speckled with DIY lessons, which adds to the book's worth, in my opinion. Malti's always vocal about her NLP training and is generous in sharing some great trade secrets through these tests and exercises that she's learned and applied with great to success in her own life. 

Of all the tests available in the book, I especially enjoyed the 'jigsaw puzzle visualization exercise' and 'thinking pink declaration exercise'--but this is definitely going to differ from person to person. Also, I loved that she didn't hesitate to share deeply personal experiences, all of which further simplify the message of the book while engaging the reader. 

In the end, this book is more akin to a tete-a-tete with the coach herself as it feels as though she's talking directly to you. Despite considering myself to be a strong and positive person by nature, this book made me take a harder look at myself. It gave me a clearer picture of what I wanted, and a step-by-step method of achieving it. All this while using the power of the universe and faith in ourselves--the two things we often neglect. 

As I soaked up the last few sentences of the book, I closed it gently, suddenly aware that this was more of a beginning than the end!



“Last year I was quite unhappy with my life and felt stuck with no clear purpose and direction in life. So basically I felt the need for a life coach to deal with some emotional issues, set some goals for myself and change my mindset from that of a victim to one who takes charge and is empowered.”


“I found Malti’s information on  a friend’s  facebook page.I’ve since completed 12 sessions with her and I’m happy with the wonderful and positive changes that have come about in my life most of all my own mindset. “


“Sometimes you need the motivation and accountability factor in order to bring about that much needed change and I think Malti does a great job of understanding and empathizing with her clients, giving enough time, encouragement and the right amount of assignments. “


“She has a lot of experience in this field and is clearly someone you can trust with the most complicated issues. I find phone coaching very

convenient and helpful. I  have already recommended Malti to a close loved-one. And would definitely recommend her to my friends in the future.”

“I experienced a change in my life and wanted to gather some direction and set some new goals for myself.”


“I’d seen a few of Malti’s posts on facebook and read a few of her articles which I found thought provoking and insightful.”


“I worked with Malti to set fitness and health goals, achieve better relationships with the people in my life and set myself up mentally to face whatever challenges life has thrown my way.”


“Malti helped me step back and view my life through an objective lens.  I was able to understand how my actions and emotions could affect the outcome and perception of the events around me. I was finally able to look at what was causing me to stress, overeat and indulge in bad behaviour. Once I was able to let go and understand this, I was able to finally achieve the goals I so desperately desired.”


“Phone coaching was an easy way to effectively communicate without sacrificing a lot of time.

I started seeing results just after a few weeks of coaching – I got my weight loss on track, I was able to forgive someone who hurt me and achieve a better balance at work all within a few months.”


“I’ve completed 12 sessions and would love to work with Malti again in the future. I was definitely surprised at the results of life coaching. I was able to gather more direction and have seen so many positive changes in myself over the past few months.”


“She gave me body practices which were a good way of understanding how the physical can affect the mental and emotional states of mind. I will definitely continue to use these in the future because I found them particularly helpful.”


“I’ve learnt to be grateful for the things in my life, and how to settle my mind with some meditation on a daily basis.”


“I feel more calm and able to put aside negative emotions and look at things objectively.”


“The body practices allowed me to be more in tune with myself. Physically I am fitter and healthier and have even dropped a dress size.”


“These are definitely lasting changes because I’ve learnt how to make these changes habits.


"I would use a life coach again and definitely recommend it to my family and friends seeking a new way of achieving their spiritual, physical and emotional goals. Malti has been great with providing ideas and direction."


"The benefits I experienced cannot be measured in kilos lost or betterment in work status, but with the amount of increased happiness and positivity in my life that I have gained.”


“A big thank you for your time and dedication Malti, I’ve deeply enjoyed working with you and would recommend you to all my family and friends.”


“I have always been interested in life coaching and what it means. Over the years I have visited many psychotherapists and doctors to help with relationship problems. It was mainly curiosity and an urge to want to improve myself that got me to work with Malti.”


“Through a recommendation by a personal friend, Malti appeared in my life, I was unsure why, but I felt the need to continue talking to her. I wasn't looking for a life coach at the time.”


“There was nothing in particular I wanted to work on, however I did want to meet someone or more so meet someone and it be 'different' to how things had been in the past. I also wanted to understand what meditation was about.”


“I imagine it may have been difficult for Malti to help me as I was so unsure of what exactly I wanted from the sessions. Until recently I had still felt guilty that perhaps I wasn't 'performing' enough  as a customer (!!!!) by not being sure about what help i wanted.”


“Malti has worked through things going on in my life and head to help me view things differently and apply different behaviours, thought processes and ultimately achieve different results.”


“I love the phone sessions though, I would like to see Malti sometimes!”


“From my first session Malti has helped improve my life. Every session I have had has given me behaviors and thoughts to help me to improve the way I approach my life. The results have been with my self esteem, self image, confidence, happiness, relationships at home, relationships at work, stress and my own coaching skills.”


“I would like to continue working with Malti.”


“I have struggled with the body practices, I haven’t practiced them as much as I should and didn't feel that they helped me as much as the talks and other practices.”


I believe that you have the power to change anything in your life that you want to and that universe has everything you need to do it. I have 100% faith in this.”


“I am much more confident as a person, I feel more comfortable and less reliant on others for confirmation, approval and my happiness.”


“I hold my body in a more confidently and open manner, I feel I am more aware of my body and it's needs and want to look after it.”


“I already have recommended many to Malti to help them build:

· Self awareness and confidence.

· Education - especially on the law of attraction

· Motivation and Encouragement

Thank you M!”



Have you worked with a coach/counsellor/therapist before? If yes, what were the key differences?

Many - the major difference is the positivity and leaving the sessions with clear step changes in my mind and behaviour that I can apply in my life. With psychotherapists and psychologists I didn’t trust that they had faith in my ability to improve, grow and change as a person. They could help me by listening to what I had to say and challenging my thoughts, and allowing me to get things off my chest however they didn’t help me grow and improve.

I guess the therapists jumped into the hole I was in and gave me a boost back out back to where I was. Whereas Malti has taken me up into the air and allowed me to look down on myself and my life from far away and also see far ahead into the future of what could be!




Press Release

"Don't Think of a BLUE BALL", tells Arshad Warsi

......celebreties & socialites like Neeta Lulla, Rohit Roy, Roopa & Harish Fabiani, Maria Guretti  agree.

Mumbai, 31th August 2012:   We are not talking about Arshad Warsi's new movie but the occasion was worlds No.1#  Life Coach Malti Bhojwani's book launch in India. Don't Think of a BLUE BALL, published by Om Book International & in asociation with Shiro, mumbai. Renowned actor ,Arshad Warsi did the honour amidst an august gathering of authors, film fraternity and front runners of society.

Don't Think of a BLUE BALL is as light or as deep as you want it to be depending on hoe "plugged -in" you are when you read it. Plugging in is Malti's way of describing how you establish your personal connection to the universe or your higher self so that you become empowered to live life the way you desire rather than one by default. The book is laced with thinking pink exercise to help the reader create lasting change so that it is'nt just another self-help book the read.

Speaking at the launch, Malti bhojwani said,"i am so humbled & grateful  to be standing here in Shiro tonight,for I had dreamt of and visualized this exact moment since i started out on the book. Today is testimony to what i have tried to share in this book, that you too can do it now , live the life you dream, and now" She also shared how coincidences and synchronicity came into play in her own journey with this book, involving Jack Canfield the creater of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Chief guest Arshad Warsi said. "Malti Bhojwani has did commendable book  Don't Think of a BLUE BALL. such level of empathy for the reader is largely possible when one has experinced the high &lows of life , but remained positive right through. Every chance life gives us is to be seized to use positively. And if we go over our own lives, we would all know that there is no Blue Ball that cannot be thrown aside if it comes in the way of our smile. Malti & Om book international, great book & that's the way to go.

Ajay Mago ,publisher, Om Book International  said, "Don't Think of a BLUE BALL is not a sermon. The author is on level ground with the reader because she constantly presents herself  as equally human as the reader, with similar issues to deal with in life. What she personally brings ti it is the way to convert negatives into positives. and stumbling blocks into victory towers. She gently insist on us reaffirming the importance of smiling in life , and changing it."

About the Author

As a life coach she aims to serve,not to fix or help. Malti Bhojwani is the founder of malti Coaching International, a professional certified life coach with the international Coach Federation (ICF), NLP practitioner (Nero Linguistic Programming) and author. She’s the top ranking no. 1 registered life coach internationally out of almost 200,000. She coaches during her empathic enquiry that leads her clients to personal empowerment , fulfilled goals and consistent success. She’s also trained in Ontological Coaching with Newfield network and she still considers herself only a 'white -belter' in the field of personal transformation.

Born in Singapore in may 1971, she lived in Jakarta for many years, though she spent most of her adult life in Sydney ,Australia where her grown up daughter, a writer, Drishti lives. Her first published work , THANKFULNESS APPRECIATION GRATITUDE - My Journal has gone into several reprints.

About Om Book Internattional

OM Book International (OBI) has published amongst other genres ,several cinema related titles. Sahib  bibi Aur Ghulam: The original screenplay complied with Dinesh Raheja & Jitendra Kothari, the original screenplay of Lagae Raho Munna Bhai & 3 Idiots.

OBI publishes litetary fiction including best selling titles like THE KEPT WOMAN AND OTHER STORIES BY Kamala Das,Delhi OMG! by VInod Mohamed,to name just a few.

About the JSM

A partnership between noted restaurateurs  Jay Singh and Sanjay Mahtani ,the JSM portflio includes a repertoire of some india's most successful and wellknown independant restaurants. From premium luxury lounge Shiro, with its signature high celings ,grand statutes and award wining Oriental cisine, JSM is the exclusive india master franchiesee for world renonwed brands like Hard Cafe, California Pizza kitchen, Inakaya and now pinkberry. JSM restraunt are known for their unique designs and uncompromising standards and remain commited to its vision- Let Us Entertain You!




The Official Launch for Malti Bhojwani's book, "Don't Think of a Blue Ball" was held in Shiros, Mumbai - on Thursday, the 30th August 2012. Arshad Warsi, Hindi Film Actor and Comedian

Yesterday, I was still in a state of awe and wonder. Truly truly basking in the feeling and riding it, relishing it and so so grateful. Finally at nigh

t, when I had a moment to myself, I listened to my Workshop playlist and Reach – by Gloria Estefan came on, that’s when the sobs of joy and gratitude filled my chest….
Yesterday, I was still in a state of awe and wonder. Truly truly basking in the feeling and riding it, relishing it and so so grateful. Finally at night, when I had a moment to myself, I listened to my Workshop playlist and Reach – by Gloria Estefan came on, that’s when the sobs of joy and gratitude filled my chest….

Even as I try to type this now, it feels inadequate to put into words what I felt on Thursday night on stage and in front of my parents and my dear family and friends and the hundred cameras and flashes going off. The beaming faces of my dear ones in the audience…

When I was going to sleep last night, I wanted to re-live every moment, but there were so many faces, and so many words and when I look back on my own answers to some of exercises which I have outlined in the book, I saw that I had visualized so much of it before, down to my beaming smile which I felt on the night and then over the last 36 hours seen hundreds of photos which confirmed. My friends in Mumbai will also confirm how Shiro has been my favourite venue and for me to celebrate this milestone there after so much running around, options, cancellations and offers from other venues, was just another testament to how this “manifesting your desires” works! For the record, I am also 8 kilos lighter than I was when I had started writing this book.

I am sad that my brothers, Sanjay and Vishaal, my dear sis-in-law and friend Reshma could not be there with me and the one person that was so missing for me was my daughter Drishti, I guess I had to focus on who was there and know that the ones who weren’t were there in spirit for sure.

The evening started with a lot of photo-taking as our esteemed guests arrived. Then when our chief guest Arshad Warsi walked in with his gorgeous wife Maria Goretti, the room had a new energy. Nupur Khosla, took the podium as our compere for the night and she introduced all 3 of us so beautifully before we took our seats on the stage in front of this “larger-than-life” backdrop of the cover of the book. 

Ajay Mago’s speech was so touching that I almost already needed my tissues, lucky for me, I had Arshad Warsi, who apart from an actor is also very very funny who made me laugh in time to re-compose myself before it was my turn to take the podium right after him. He shared how he really connected with Chapter 1 which talks about what you “Don’t” want in life.

When I took the mic, for a moment, I had no words and for an author, after having written over 66,000 words and a long speech for the night, my speech left me and I had to stand there and look at the smiling faces before me. I did get to thank my parents Maya and Lachman Bhojwani and cousins Roopa and Harish Fabiani, Roshan Tulsiani, Bharti Bhojwani and Shanel Chellaram and my maasi Putli Dadlani and finally my dearest friends who are more than family to me now, Shameem and Avinash Jashnani and every one else. I also did get to thank Om Books International’s Ajay Mago – publisher, Dipa Chaudhuri – Editor in chief and Nitin Abbey, my editor.

Soon after I was done, we unveiled the book and we posed for more photographs, then it was all a whirlwind for me as I was led to the TV crew who interviewed me about the title and my personal experiences. Being my first time, I was not sure what to do and attempted to hold the 10 mics that were held out to me and I looked down at the reporter who was asking me a few questions, who then told me that I didn’t need to hold the mic or look at him, but rather just look up and phew…..I looked up at over 10 cameras and this is when I got to share the parts of my speech which I didn’t get to do on stage, which was about the title. 

You see, my publisher, Ajay had been trying to explain to me that the book needed a good and catchy title and he referenced Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup For the Soul Series. Through the forces of the Universe and my dear friend Gautam Ganglani from Right Selections in Dubai, a copy of my book landed in Jack Canfield’s hands and the first thing he said was “I Love the title”.

The evening followed with the esteemed designer, Neeta Lulla supporting me further with lots of photo poses, over 150 of my friends partying with me, numerous book signings, lots and lots of my old and new friends hugging me and congratulating me. I had a fabulous night at Shiro, also thanks to Dewar’s our event partners. We danced to my favourite songs and spent the rest of the evening in joy and thankfulness, for CELEBRATION is the ultimate form of gratitude when you are truly present to the here and now.

More videos and photos will be posted on my YouTube and Facebook soon so do look out for them, and for those who were there, THANK YOU!!!! And pleaseeee TAG yourselves!!!!

In Thankfulness, Appreciation and Gratitude, 
Malti Bhojwani


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