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Friday, 03 May 2013

For Women Who are READY to Get the Money, the Man and the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!

WANTED: Women who are serious about achieving a better life, more money and better relationships... FAST!

If you're the type of sophisticated woman, with incredible potential who's ready to ESCAPE financial frustration, ELIMINATE relationship frustration and BAN unhappiness from your life... and you want to


YoUniverse is a new book for women who are serious about changing their life, being successful, achieving goals and living an extraordinary life of their dreams. This groundbreaking new book gives you a revolutionary new way to breakthrough to a new level of living in your life.

You'll discover the SECRET to make your life more incredible and enjoyable in record breaking time.

It reveals how a formerly obese kid endured low-self esteem, early marriage, unexpected divorce and motherhood to become an internationally acclaimed author and celebrity... and how you, too, can achieve your most unbelievable goals in record breaking time.

"YoUniverse" reveals how almost any woman of any age, can rapidly boost her self-image, increase her attractiveness, achieve "impossible" goals, and unleash her GIANT potential to attract almost anything she desires in life. It shows her proven steps to UNFREEZE her potential so she can almost magically command the universe to turn the entire world into her GENIE that makes her EVERY WISH COME TRUE!


How This Book Helps You Attract Men, Money and Happiness Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

What you can learn from the HOLLYWOOD Blockbuster "Men of Honor" about achieving *big* goals at turbo speed in spite of all obstacles that come in your way.

The 80/20 rule -- what it is and how to use it as a focusing technique to achieve your goal quick and easy (This rule works for you or against you, I'll show you how to use it to embark on success)

4 Ways to Boost your “money magnet super powers” while pursuing your passion you simultaneously increase your income — almost as if you reached within yourself to dig GOLD you never knew existed!

How to overcome a goal achievement overdose by which you achieve goals at a surprisingly fast pace (faster and easier than you currently think possible)

RECALIBRATION — a little technique you can use at any point in your life to redirect

The burn the ships attitude that celebrities, supermodels, "rich people" and corporate CEOs have spent millions of dollars trying to keep a lid on!

Build your YoUniverse (a world that practically revolves around you and gives you what you want… as if you had a personal genie living inside your brain)

The simple shift you much make - that practically makes other people admire you, respect you and cherish you for who you truly are

Create a relationship magnet — create a powerful relationship attract beacon that sends a signal to only *qualified* and *worthy* men so you ATTRACT good men and REPEL time-wasting, love-wasting men — even if you live in a city of 40 people.

NEW discovery that helps you stay motivated - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year like a personal "life coach" is encouraging you to get what you want most out of life.

The simple checklist of "principles" you must follow to get MORE MONEY IN THE BANK WITHIN 30 DAYS even if you have no job, no money and no skills.

Millionaire minded secrets that 6 figure income earners don’t know (will never know) that can help you become a millionaire in record breaking time.

How to increase confidence - practically HAVE THE CONFIDENCE OF A ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE — all inside your own mind, in any situation.

LONLINESS ENDER -- this little technique takes years and years of frustration, months of agony, months of pent-up time-delays and puts a rapid charge on your ability to attract your knight in shining armor (make up tips are NOT necessary) up the process at which qualified men start beating down your doorstep. Men who can practically ERASE all the men you've been with before now.

The #1 thing you must do that makes almost ANY DIET work faster (get physically fit, trim and drop dress sizes faster when you implement this one little technique)

The easy way breakthrough the toughest obstacles, and achieve your goals at record-breaking "turbo" speed

1 thing you must do, before you even think about achieving your next goal.

How to *brainwash* failure, doubt, negativity and hurt, disappointment and misery that haunts you in your sleep --- and instead *install* a success mechanism that makes success a natural part of your DNA; so you succeed without even thinking about it.

SPECIAL TECHNIQUES for overcoming almost "impossible" goals that your friends and family never thought you could achieve.

3 ways to improve your results, make people who don't like you fall in love with you (this works for your business and personal life)

How to eliminate bad habits (including the ones you don't know about) that are causing you to miss your goals, fail at reaching them... Or making it hard for you to achieve the success you deserve... Replace with GOOD HABITS that kind of serve as an elevator to lift you to higher-and-higher success.

The "GOD" inside of you - how to wake it up, harness it to fulfill your deepest and darkest wishes, fantasies and dreams for positive enhancement.

The trick that makes meditation calm your mind, eliminate stress and remove unwanted thoughts from your mind, like a GIANT MENTAL ERASER -- so you start fresh anytime of day, and nothing ever bothers you. Don't worry, it's easy to do and simple to understand.

The one thing you must do (DND and BTS) two things you must practically memorize, write on your wall, engrave in your heart before you can become a super-successful woman in today's world.

*Greatness* (99 out of 100 people will not like this message, not approve of it) but I'll show you the per-requisite to achieve the full potential that's inside of you.

What EVERY WOMAN needs to know about achieving success in her professional life -- use this secret to double, triple or quadruple your income

How to DISCOVER your passion, unleash it from your mind and get it "Distributed" to the world --- so you get HUGE PAYDAYS and feel PRIDE for your accomplishments.

and many more

Malti Bhojwani is an internationally known author, life-coach and expert respected by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Bob Proctor, Les Hewitt. Television networks like NBC frequently call on her for expert analysis on a wide variety of social and personal development issues.


With over 15 years of experience, she has qualifications as a professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation, International Coach Academy, and extensive training in Ontology and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Now, she reveals a new set of personal enrichment tips you've never seen or heard before.


The new book gives a fresh, new perspective on how women (and men) can dramatically improve a woman's natural inborn ability to increase her income, self-confidence, and attract the lifestyle she truly deserves. From relationships to fitness, Bhojwani reveals everything necessary for extraordinary success in today's big, ever-changing world. For example, you'll discover...


How to Find TRUE LOVE from a Man Who Respect You, Loves You and Treats You Like a Goddess


Before you log on to,,, or play "hide-and-seek" to find your knight and shining armor, it's important to make one important realization. Amazing bliss, exceptional love can only be found when you are in control of your YoUniverse.


Fact : Most women, seem to attract the wrong guys. Not only do they waste time in the wrong relationships, they waste time looking for men - and have trouble finding "good" men. Don't worry, before I learned about my YoUniverse, I did the same thing.


At first, I was fixated on a man making me happy -- instead of ME, making me happy. And because of my own neediness, I brought out the worse in them. They treated me badly, I was desperate, I would pretend, lie, package myself in a way I thought he wanted, I was stuck in one-sided, co-dependent relationships which led to painful breakups. They left me crying for months on end, beating myself up and blaming myself.


Finally, those days are over - and they're never coming back. The changes I've made have given me a brand new insight on how to attract men who are on my level, give fulfilling quality and can reciprocate everything I bring to the table. Even though I'm faithfully committed in a new healthy relationship that keeps me happy, I still attract HIGH-caliber men.


My friends are still chasing men, but I've moved on. I no longer treat relationships like a TRANSACTION. I don't feel I have to give to get. Through my YoUniverse, I'm constantly attracting amazing relationships and friendships because I'm centered, I don't operate from a place of neediness.


When you fully embrace your YoUniverse, you'll understand that dating tips, dating regimens that your girlfriends follow no longer apply to you. Things will fall into place. You'll be able to chose powerful from a sea of marriage-quality men, instead of choosing from a tiny pond of half-worthy men.


Any relationship you have will forever be changed, altered, improved and benefited from the way you operate your YoUniverse from this day forward.


How to Achieve Goals, Lose Weight, Make Money and Live a life FULL OF HAPPINESS


A woman in pursuit of weight loss will be free from the shackles of failed diets and sharpen the axe of her mind to sculpt the body of her dreams... as a result of her increased energy, self-motivation and renewed vigor for life.


How can a simple book help you improve your life? Maybe it can't. This isn't just an e-book, it's a program complete with e-book, worksheet and audio/mp3 guidance. This is no ordinary bed-time story or Kindle Book about wishful thinking. This combines the power of ontology, NLP, professional life coaching at your finger tips.


Ordinary books are written by no-name individuals who are self-appointed life coaches, which puts YOUR life in jeopoardy. You wouldn't trust a doctor without a degree to perform heart surgery, there's no reason to trust a life-coach with no experience and no certification with your life! If getting results is important to you, then having knowledge from a certified professional is cleary, the best option. Especially if that person understands real life experience.


YoUniverse is an entire READING and LISTENING program unlike anything else. You'll get gem-quality, professionally certified advice that ignites the flame to motivate you to wake up the slumbering giant within. The giant that empowers you to gain the confidence of a supermodel, the wealth of a famed celebrity, the body of a gymnast and the man of your dreams.


Most women have never been empowered to use their YoUniverse, which is great... because it gives you an advantage to TURN HEADS EVERYWHERE. You will walk into a room and command attention, new opportunities will come to you.


Anyone who comes in contact with you from this day forward, will be AMAZED at the excitement and passion that flows from you. Almost effortlessly, you will attract incredible circumstances, relationships, career options, money out of thin-air, and DOORS that have been SLAMMED SHUT will suddenly open. Because for perhaps the first time ever, you will have the keys to unlock the world. (click here to order)


You get the opportunity to take advantage of knowledge that has already been used by thousands of women before you... knowledge that you could, previously, only get as one of Malti Bhojwani's private coaching clients. Fortunately, it is now being passed on to you through her newest YoUniverse program.


Get YoUniverse E-Book, Worksheet AND *NEW* Audio MP3s

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This is NOT just a regular e-book. What's INCLUDED is a digital e=book, plus, action worksheet AND guidance audio MP3.Typically a $39.95 value. But when you order today, you can get everything for just one payment of $12.95


Plus, when you order TODAY you'll also get a *FREE COPY* copy of the e-book, The Success Journal ($19.95 value) Includes chapters by Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor and myself. But you must order before midnight.


Because Malti is interested in breaking in the US market and growing her audience to 10,000 fans in the next 60 days,she's releasing YoUniverse (the-ebook) at an introductory low price. This will allow her to gain testimonials, spread positive energy and receive the support necessary to grow.


But please note : while her best-selling book DTBB is available on, this release is available on this website only! YoUniverse is an instant-download e-book available for computer, ipad, iphone, or digital tablet.


Get YoUniverse today and start living the life you truly deserve! No other book has provided this insight and no other book will.


P.S. Although I'm a certified life coach and NLP practitioner, I'm also a mother and down-to-earth woman. I know what it takes to achieve personal goals. If you don't have any BIG goals for 2013, this is not for you. But if you want to go from fat to fit, from little money to big money, from unhappy to happy, click here to start now..


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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle.

I’ve been “cooking” intensely for the past week, in fact I have not stepped out at all and I can’t wait to share my new learnings and discoveries with you.





How do you feel when you read those three words?

Unfortunately, many of us think that habits, routines and schedules are boring, monotonous and they take away spontaneity and freedom from our lives. However, all the great mentors and leaders amongst us abide by these structures…

Stephen King starts the morning with a cup of tea then sits down to work between 8:00 and 8:30 in the same seat with his papers arranged on his desk in the same way. He likes the consistency.

Winston Churchill would rise at 7:30 and stay in bed, have breakfast, read the papers and dictate to his assistant until 11:00 then he’d settle in to work with a weak whisky and soda after a walk. (Hey, whatever works!)


Tony Robbins has the Hour of Power 

Robin Sharma recommends his Holy Hour

Brian Tracey coined the Golden Hour

& Eben Pagan calls his the Power Hour

Yes we are all different..we want different things, our challenges are different and our circumstances are certainly different. But basic human needs are the same and our nervous system and bodies function basically the same way. Successful people have daily rituals, it takes choice out of the way and makes it easier to achieve excellence.


My iHour


What's the iHour and why "i" Hour?


We all have a morning ritual which helps us to prepare for the day. My belief is that when you make a routine a habit, it beomes automatic. I call my first morning hour, my "i" hour, because this is the hour that is dedicated to me. It is my way of giving myself the oxygen mask first before I face the world.  

Einstein says, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity. So something needs to change in order for you to have different results in your life. I believe that part of that something is in your HABITS. Here for the first time ever, I am sharing my morning ritual which I call my iHour.

Wake up early

The old adage “Early to bed and early to rise…….”  yup yup that one!! Seems it works you know? Try it.  
Having said that, I believe in a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night, so my wake up time is dependent on the time I go to bed.

5 MINUTES - INSTALL-Drink my Tea! (What you enjoy, you MUST do!)

Research say people who can take those few minutes every morning to “install” before they actually face whatever it is the day has in store, cope with stress a lot better. I like to give myself something to look forward to every single morning, a small pleasure that I absolutely love. Even in an emergency situation and when things are just so bad, I will still have my cup of tea. You know when you download a new software, you often need to “install” it. To me, sitting down with my cup of tea is my installation time.


20 MINUTES – Treadmill  to inspiring and upbeat music

I often use my Happy Play List from my YouTube Channel. As you continue reading this newsletter, you will know which "Black-Eyed Peas" song I just added to my Play List  today. These 20 minutes of cardio gets my heart pumping, releases all the feel-good chemicals in my brain and also helps bring me clarity. I have my goals printed out in front of me as I run, so it feels like I am working towards them. I cannot describe the benefit this has had on my fitness, wellness and my work.

20 MINUTES TM – Transcendental Meditation

Did you know that Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres  all practice TM twice a day as well?

All the benefits that you can get from being quiet and looking inside is amazing. I had always wanted to meditate, I knew that in it lay the missing "plug-in" for me. TM found me and I feel so so blessed, it has indeed changed my life.

It is NOT a religion, it is a technique.


I exercise again in the evening and practice TM again too (I will share my EVENING RITUAL with you another time - that one is called my "Happy Hour")


5 MINUTES - Writing in my TAG Journal &  TAGGING my loved ones

Writing all the things I am grateful for today, names of the people who touch my life and make things joyful and easy for me, things working out beautifully, emails, calls, communication I received, good news, payments, food, anything that I can think of which I feel grateful for.


Taking a few moments to touch the lives of your children, nieces, nephews, parents, siblings is CRUCIAL and scheduling it will ensure you do it. Just going into their facebook and taking the time to keep up with their lives, commenting and championing them on is invaluable. Show them you care and you are interested in their lives. I spend about 5 minutes checking up on my loved ones.


8 MINUTES – Teach & Learn

Read or watch something inspiring to set the “soundtrack” for the rest of the day. This is when I find all these amazing TED talks and YouTube videos out there. I also watch a lot of Tony Robbins,  Brian Tracey and T Harv Eker! Man there are a LOT of T’s in my life!  

Wait …that’s not it, pick one thing and TEACH it to someone. Share the insight or the learning with someone in your life who does not have access to the type of knowledge or resources that you do. I sometimes share with my amzing helper, Manda.

If you don’t allow yourself to learn something every day you will not progress. We all grow older but only some of us choose to progress as we do.


2 MINUTES – Tracking

Look at my Habit Forming Table to track my progress and my Pleasure Listsand commit to indulging in some "Cheap Thrills 10s" for the day and one "Easy 20" and one "Lavish 50" for the week. (Chapter 10 & 5 of Don’t Think of a Blue Ball)

Remember , “what you ENJOY, you MUST do”



Whatever works! There are no set rules in coming up with your iHour… but if what you are doing is NOT getting you the results you want then your daily routine has to change! Feel free to take from my iHour, take from other fabulous examples and come up with your own unique structure.



Take my ‘iHour’ challenge for 30 days and watch your life change. And, even the best of the best have coaches, so let me know if you would like to book a complimentary coaching session. The only pre-requisite is that you buy a copy of one of my books. I am COMMITTED to your success and to you living your best life starting now! Not next month or next year, but NOW! And to quote Fergie again, “I ain’t gonna stop until I’m done!”

Remember, for a limited time only, I am offering a complimentary coaching call to anyone who has read one of my books and is committed to truly achieving some goals this year!

Click here to book a complimentary phone coaching session.


No matter what your latitude,
Malti wants to change your attitude.
You need to show more gratitude -
no matter what life's shat at youd!
It's much more than a platitude -
Be grateful for the food you've chewed.
Enjoy each cup of tea you've brewed.
Forgive your friends when they are rude.
Forget the ball that has been blued,
and If you want a better mood -
Then toss out all the lassitude
And fill your life with gratitude.

Sent with love from
Caroline Morgan


To order a copy of the book right delivered anywhere in the world for $19.95 now, scroll down and email through your full postal address AND phone number on the Pay Pal message....

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Imagination is a tool of the soul.

This is a powerful inquiry that was introduced to me by one of my first life coaches every Sandhi Spiers and it is the copyrighted material of Higher Awareness.

Take your time and enjoy the revelations!

Our imagination gives us the opportunity to 'try on' new qualities and perspectives in our life.

Through imagination, we can explore our past, problems, patterns, processes, plans, perceptions, principles, passions and purpose to uncover new possibilities.

Through deep inquiry, we tap into our imagination and our subconscious mind.

Start answering these questions and return them to me in the next 48 hours.

Where can I be more efficient in my life?

What 4 things have I been procrastinating?

What are my time wasters?

What excuses keep me stuck?

Problems, past, pain:

Where am I vulnerable?

Where do I hold myself?

What am I afraid of?

Where do I not like myself?

What stresses me?

How are my strengths perceived as my weaknesses?

What major block needs to be resolved?

For what problems must I ask for solutions?

Perceptions and perspectives of myself and others:

What are the needs/desires of my boss or partner or family?

What is God’s/The Universe agenda for me?

What contacts or friends do I want to develop more?

How can I enhance my inter-personal skills?

What negative, disempowering and limiting beliefs keep jumping in my mind?

What key choices am I ready to make?


How can I create another or a larger income stream?

How can I increase my overall abundance?

In what areas do I want to receive more learning?

How can I be more productive and effective?

Principals and Values:

What 3 areas of my life do I want to recommit to?

Where do I need to clarify my stand or position?

What deeds or actions need my forgiveness or acceptance?

What can I do to increase balance in my life?

What value is most important for me to express now?

Purpose, potential, passion, power, possibilities, path:

What are my deepest heartfelt desires, dreams and visions?

What did you come here for?

How can I experience a greater sense of meaning in my life?

What are 4 things that I am truly feeling passionate about?

What new ideas are teasing me these days?

What are some opportunities for me to give to others?

Peace of mind, play, pleasure, pamper:

When do I feel greatest happiness in my life?

What can I do to have more fun in all areas of my life?

How can I get more stillness, solitude and peace in my life?

When you have completed the answers and the resulting action steps, ask yourself, “What am I missing? Is there anything else? Use questions often. The subconscious mind is always answering. We must only practice asking and then listening.


Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Higher Awareness Inc.



Now that you have more clarity, what do you think has come in the way of you living your best life?

Kickstart the year with a personal one-on-one phone coaching session with a top professional coach - Malti for a promotional fee of $150

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Life Coach & Author launches brand new website

Sunday, 23 December 2012 18:55 Published in My Thoughts

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new website:

I have had this one for over a decade and it has been a fabulous platform for me to share my work and my thoughts. It has also been a space where readers have been able to express their feelings and share their thoughts, but I am so grateful to the entire team at Creatives That Work for the awesome website they have built for me from start to finish in such a short period of time, working overtime during this festive season to have had it ready yesterday.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to Joshua Rozario - Co Founder and CEO for his keen "eye", his compassion, his style and his strategies. His genuine care for my brand and the feel and look of everything related to it.

Deepthi Joanna - Editorial Consultant who coordinated all of us.

Murugan S - Web Consultant for all his technical support and his ability to think outside the box to make things happen!

Alexander Thomas - Creative Consultant for taking the time to understand me and my likes and dislikes and then convert it into the logo, colours and feel of "Malti Bhojwani"


I am so grateful. I am speechless.


Please do take the time to browse through the very comprehensive website (and we are still adding more to it in the new year) and do feel free to drop in your comments.


CLICK here:



Raj Natarajan interviews Malti Bhojwani about her latest personal development book, "Don't Think of a Blue Ball" for the OzIndian TV Show on TVS, as aired on the 12th of December 2012

Click here to watch the 10 minutes interview now to hear all about how well it has been received internationally.


Watch these honest and candid videos where Award Winning Radio Host Hrishikesh Kannan and Life Coach and Author Malti Bhojwani talk about Radio, Life Coaching, "Don't Think of a Blue Ball" and Coincidences.

Hrishi shares how he got into Radio and how young people can find their calling.

Click here to watch them now: There are 5 videos that will take less than 18 minutes to watch.

Enjoy and please do post your questions and comments.



Life Coach shares her fat to fit story - Weight Loss

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 16:47 Published in Your Body & Soul


By Sasha Gusain posted Oct 15th 2012 at 8:15AM IN

Sasha Gussain editor of Health Me Up (Times of India initiative)
Very few things in life are as tough as an honest attempt to lose weight the healthy way. The diligence, focus and deliberate progress needed to achieve a fit and lean body doesn’t come easy. So when we caught up with Malti Bhojwani - Life Coach, NLP practitioner and author of Don’t Think of a Blue Ball – and heard about her extraordinary weight loss transformation, we decided to probe further. Here are Malti’s inspiring (and practical) answers to our questions about her journey from fat to fit… *All Images Courtesy Mali Bhojwani


How old were you when you felt the need to lose weight to live a healthier life?

I was an obese child, and always knew I was fat. It hindered my self esteem and it was so challenging, because the very activity that would help me to lose weight was what I was embarrassed to participate in, I didn't want to wear shorts or a swimsuit.

When I was a teenager at about 15 is when it really hit me that I wanted to lose weight and be slim, like my slimmer friends. I did not succeed though. I did manage to lose a lot of it when I was about 17 through starving and exercise, but still did not consider myself slim enough, also because this was not sustainable and unhealthy, I would have fainting spells and fall ill and in turn give up. 

After having my daughter at 20, I still carried excess weight and I continued to carry about 10 kilos more than I have now. When I was 37, I decided once and for all that I was slim (inside) and I wanted to experience it in my reality. That's when I DECIDED and I succeeded.

What prompted this decision - Was it one incident or a series of small incidents?

Seeing photographs of myself, showed me how fat I was, hearing from friends that I had such big arms and a double chin. I am born in the Chinese calendar year of the Pig (prone to indulging and being overweight) and I am a Taurus also prone to being overweight. Everything pointed towards it being something I should accept, but I did not want to. All these little incidences added up and one fine day, I said "that's it."


What were the very first steps you took to start your weight loss journey?

I saw a nutritionist and she weighed and measured me. I knew this was not something I already knew how to do so I was open to expert consultation and help. I had already tried many fad diets, including lemon detox and atkins and all that didn’t work, so I wanted to work with someone who I could communicate with and who understood my likes and dislikes and could work around with me. I wanted to make sure I was doing it in a healthy way. I also took her advice to walk every day for 60 minutes and to practice Pilates. 

I committed to the new eating plan, 60 minutes of walking and 45 minutes of Pilates for 6 days a week. I wanted this to be a lifestyle change not just a quick fix, though at that time, I had a goal and a time frame. I wanted to look great in a sari exposing my mid-drift like I saw on Bollywood and it was that vision that kept me going. I had a family wedding in Bali in July and I embarked on my weight loss journey in Feb of that year. I reached my goal by May and I had never been healthier.

Did it take more than one attempt to get onto the healthy weight loss track?

Yes in the past, but when I made up my mind, then it stuck and this attempt 4 years ago did the job. I wanted to lose 10 kilos and I did. Being adept in how our mindset and commitments make us who we are, including how heavy we are, I practiced my own principles on myself and coached myself into having the resolve and commitment to this vision. This helped me to integrate the parts of me that were holding on to the fat and the part of me that wanted to be slim.

What were your biggest hurdles when it came to discipline for exercise and balanced eating?

Loss of determination because people called me “obsessed” and said I looked “fine”. But I knew that I could look better. Also the feeling or “being an inconvenience” because you are consciously choosing to eat differently from the masses, being seen as the “annoying and different one” at home or even at restaurants, all that added to the challenge as mostly, you just want to go along and fit in and not be the “troublesome” one.  

Temptation to eat chocolate excessively and binge drink once in a while hindered me, but I got back onto course soon after as I had learnt to love myself and not beat myself up for any “transgressions”. The next day, I would get back on my regime. I also fell in love with the new lifestyle of eating regularly, walking and pilates and that became a part of my life.

How supportive were your friends and family in this healthy weight loss struggle?

Actually, they weren’t. My mother loves to eat and feed and friends all wanted me to eat and drink with them, or give up my exercise time to hang out, but I was committed and didn’t let them affect me. With my mum, I had to sit her down and tell her that I was healthy and not going to faint or do anything harmful to my body. I was eating very well and more than enough, just not eating what they were eating or wanted me to eat. Friends would get jealous almost and irritated because I was doing what they wanted to and had not succeeded. My commitment annoyed them.

How many months and/or years did it take you to hit your perfect weight?

There are two answers to this question, 1 is all my life till I hit 37 and the second answer is that when I decided that this was what I truly wanted more than anything else, it took hardly 3 months

What were the top 3 "must-do practices" you found were completely untrue?

That I had to go to a gym and suffer and exercise even if I didn’t enjoy it. I learnt that for me, I had to really fall in LOVE with the exercise and the activity in order for me to want to make it a lifestyle.

That I could not eat my favourite foods ever

That I should not weigh myself daily. I am very sensitive and I learnt that by weighing myself, I could see what I did well or not well the day before and this was a visual representation of my success.

Once you reached your perfect weight, how did your diet and exercise routine change?

To be honest, at first I was a little insecure about dropping or changing anything. But then I slowed down the walking to 3 times a week and I started to include a little more carbohydrates and sugars into my eating plan. 

Now I am 2 kilos heavier than my ideal weight, but to be honest, I feel I look and feel great and am able to indulge in whatever I enjoy so I am happy with these 2 kilos. I also know how to get rid of them, if I really wanted to, start walking everyday again, and stop the wine, but right now my excuse is that I don’t have the time and I don’t eat as much as I used to, so I don’t need it anymore. 

Surely, if I had to do a bikini shot again, I would easily shed these 2 stubborn kilos in no time! So to answer your question, nowadays, I still do Pilates 3 to 4 times a week. I walk when I am feeling heavy, or when I travel and can’t do Pilates.


How important was it to practise strength training for maximum long-lasting weight control?

Essential!!! It is the muscle tone that gives shape, posture and strength and it helps to keep our metabolism healthy. Especially after you turn 40, it is imperative in my knowledge to keep strength training. Again for me, this is in the form of Pilates only. And for me, it was an aesthetic desire, I wasn’t losing weight to be healthier, I was doing it to see results and a new shape in my body. Strength training helps to sculpt your body making the changes visible. In Mumbai, I go to The Pilates Studio in Santa Cruz.

What were the diet rules you followed? Did you quit any foods and drinks completely?

Yes when I wanted to lose the 10 kilos, I got rid of most raw sugar and simple carbohydrates. I reduced alcohol intake to once a week and that too only 2 glasses of either Vodka Soda or White wine. I kept frozen berries in the freezer to replace the chocolate craving and I ate cucumber instead of chips when I was “snacky”

How often do you indulge in ‘unhealthy’ foods like processed foods, fried foods, hard liquor, sugary drinks or starchy foods?

Nowadays, when I go out. I allow myself to enjoy the spread. At home I eat clean food. I don’t touch sugary drinks but I love my fruit, so I eat oranges, pomegranate and sometimes the occasional banana too. I love white wine and if not available, I will have some vodka. I try to limit my nights out in order to limit the intake of foods and drinks that may make me put on weight.
How important was it for you to abstain from drinking too much in order to lose weight?

Imperative – alcohol not only is pure sugar, which will have nowhere to go especially at night, unless you can dance it off,  but also it would affect my discerning power and reduce my cognitive effectiveness, so I would also end up eating more than I need during and after consuming too much alcohol.

How did this weight loss and toned body impact your work and personal life?

It changed my life, because to me this was more of a benchmark to my personal power and determination than even walking on coals. I felt “If I can drop 2 dress sizes in 3 months, I can do anything”. It affected my confidence, and in my line of work, it gave me the strength I needed to help other people with resolve in their own goals, weight related or not. 

Personally, I could wear all the clothes I used to admire on others and I felt confident in my swimsuit, making me more able to participate in social activities that I used to shy away from before. I am proud of the way I look and I enjoy being me in a way that is so accepting and loving. I felt sexier and more attractive, which gave me the confidence to stand tall and hold my body with dignity which only added to the attractiveness. 

Just because of the work I do and the number of people who come to me with self-esteem and weight goals, I saw my own success as testimony to the fact that what I did worked. I felt more authentic as a coach and more equipped in being able to support my clients.

If you drive just one point home (about healthy weight loss), what would it be?

Fake it till you make it. Feel think and behave like a slimmer you would. Emulate other slim people in their eating and exercise routines. In order to have a slimmer body soon, you have to now behave like a slimmer person would. Be kind with yourself and know that every day is a new opportunity to get back on the horse, keeping the vision of the slimmer you in mind.
Malti Bhojwani is a Life Coach, NLP practitioner and author of Don't Think of a Blue Ball (published by Om Books International). 

A teaser to GuyLife's review for Don't Think of a Blue Ball:
Don't Think of a Blue Ball is not a book for the closed-minded. It's well in keeping with the changing times, the growing sense of spirituality that's shrouding the world today. It contemplates something that more and more people have been searching for in these trying times--a real sense of inner peace.
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How does your present achievement as a debut writer taste?


I am thrilled, grateful and feel so blessed that it has come to be. The journey of writing made me share so many of my personal experiences and I realized how much I myself have grown since I took on Personal Development as a career path. My daughter is a fiction writer and she started before I did and though I am very very happy that I am now an author, I still consider myself a Life Coach predominantly! I do love it, the continuous social media comments and praise with gratitude I receive fills my heart and reaffirms that I am making a difference.

What challenges did you face while writing the book?

I went through a personal relationship break up myself which was surprisingly painful before I could finish the Chapter on Love and that was very challenging for me, at the same time it was my own healing and recovery process that got me back on the horse to finish the book. Also the Acknowledgments were a challenge, I was adding names to the list even on the day the book had to go to print, and I still didn’t get everyone who supported me in this journey’s names in. Next book!

What inspired you to write the book ‘Don’t Think of a Blue Ball’?

As a coach, I can realistically only reach about 15 people at a time, and I had a strong “calling” to spread what I had learnt and experienced with the world, the book was the only way I could see at the time to get it out there. I was approached in Sydney to create a 13-episode TV show and that’s how I got to writing the seedlings of this book. I was lucky to be introduced to my publishers, Om Books International only 4-5 chapters into the book and thrilled when he loved it and decided to sign me on. The magic of plugging in, finding your own axis and gratitude is what I hope this book will remind readers to do.

Many books on life coaching, personality development, goal achievement are there in the market. How is your book a different take on these subjects?

Like I have read and heard many times before, there is nothing new out there, philosophers, the scriptures, though leaders from a decade ago and new ones have said similar things,  but sometimes a different messenger can get you to “listen” when you are ready. I myself have experienced reading best–selling Personal development books that did absolutely nothing to improve my life and then sometimes, one line, one chapter from a book would revisit me or fall on my lap and then suddenly, “I saw”. I believe that the people who are meant to read me will and hopefully they will be surprised at what they get from it. “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” also has easy exercises and emphasizes practice practice practice. This book is different also because I have included my own journey and examples from my own life, I shared honestly and I think that is what most of the readers connect with. It is not a step by step instructional book, but rather an “I did this and it worked for me”. I still falter sometimes as you will but try it anyway!

Laws of attraction and laws of excellence are said to be secrets of success. Have your focused on these secrets in your book?

Totally, positive expectations are half the battle won and in my “books”, it is the No 1 secret to confidence. The number of manifestations of my own that have come to be as a result of writing this book and practicing these principles is testimony to the fact that what I wrote about, truly works. As I have shared in the book, the law of attraction when you are aligned and congruent in your thoughts, words, feelings and hence actions does get you closer to your desires.

You are a life coach by profession. Do you owe the current success as a writer to your profession?

Absolutely, writing this book was incidental, I wrote lots of “how-to” articles, my first was “Marriages May End but Families are Forever” to help divorced couples continue to “Co-parent” effectively. That article led to my faith that I could write and people liked to read it. Being a life coach, with the training, tools and years and hours of experience and mentoring that it included, as well as seeing my clients’ achieve their dreams and desires and find their own emotional independence contributed to the wealth of this book. I guess it also gave me a sense of authority to be firm about some things in the book. Having been in personal development for over 12 years now, and having built a reputation backed with credentials, associations and the experience helps, you wouldn’t want to take heed to the suggestions of an amateur, so yes my life coaching profession has helped ME grow as a person and a writer.

Who are the target readers of the book?

I would have said, people who are like me, or have shared similar challenges, obesity, lack of self esteem, broken relationships, financial challenges, but then as it continues to get to the hands of happy readers I have noticed, that the “unusual suspects” are also finding gems in the book and have embraced many of the teachings. I have been so blessed that the book has made it to the hands of world renowned authors including Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup For the Soul) and in these ways, I hope the book will be embraced by anyone who wants an "easy – to – read" and light spin on personal growth.

How is urban life in India different from that in Jakarta and Sydney where you spent many years of your early life?

It isn’t much different I think. For me, I am now living the life of my dreams, so India is just geography. Having said that I love living in Mumbai, it is the first time that I am the same skin-color and family values and some of the paradigms as the masses and I really like that. I also enjoy being in such a diverse and growth- focused city. The only thing I really miss about Sydney is my daughter, who is there in her third year of University.

Do urban Indians need life coaching on stress management, time management, professional development, etc?

Need is a funny word, we don’t really need anything more, people reading this are resourceful. We all are. The life coach isn’t actually a need, but rather like a partner to serving you while you pursue your higher wants. Professional development is awesome though, people who are willing to commit time and money to improving the way they see themselves and the world do extract more juice out of life and in turn give back more as well. One by one they will be making the world a better place through practicing personal power, gratitude and compassion.

What is your next move as a writer?

As a writer, I have a few projects lined up, most of them alone and some possible “co-authorships”. This book is meant to be the first in a trilogy and I am now working on one that is mainly aimed at emotional independence and one at women’s sexuality, I had also started writing a book on the profession “Life Coaching” but let’s see which one begs to be completed first. I run workshops and I am writing more and more modules and training programs. I would love to be able to write at least 1 book and be a part of several smaller publications every year in the non-fiction and personal development genre.

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